java programming

I know nothing about programming with Java, but I am interested in starting to learn.
What would be a good way to start, example, recommended books, online stuff?
Also, how long would you estimate it should take your average person to learn?
Lastly, what would be the most "bang for my buck" meaning if I learn Java, would that be transferable to making apps for the ipad or iphone, or the droid as well as developing for websites, and maybe business applications?
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There are plenty of naswers to the first part of your questions on EE.
Most recent question like that was treated a coulpled of days ago. I'll post you the link.
Yoiu can serach yourself by typing

Java beginner

in the serach box

The last part:

Java is good for websites and buisness applications for sure

It is also necessary fro android programming - it is all based on java

Ipad and iPhone - answer is NO - it is under Objective C - quiote different form Java
Java may be useful only for general pricniples of OO programing in this respect
look at this question fro Java beginners info for example:
But you yourself asked  question threee days ago -about computer trends - there are plenty of recommendations there how to start with java
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this is also a question about learning java:

So, really search through EE - you'll find plenty of stuff

By the way, if you talk about smart phones, then Java is also good for Blackberry,
though thir market share goes down, but who knows what will happen next

Yes, it is onl Apple stiff - iPhone and iPad - which do not want to know about Java - Steve Jobbs was pretty muach against java; so taht may also change in time, but for now if you want to develop for iPhone and iPad you need to learn Objective C
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
i asked again here, because one of the responses was to ask java experts.
well your previous question also went to Java Programming Language topic, so Java exeprts had a chance to see it also
Books and online examples are good, but they aren't interactive and can't really provide you with feedback or answer questions you may have. If you're really serious and want to get the most "bang for your buck" you should really look into something like an 8-week course at a local college. It probably won't cost too much, it will be interactive, and you'll be able to take your code away from the course to use later.

About it being transferrable... Java is platform independent and is used pretty much everywhere. I'm not sure about the iPhone or Android, but once you understand the concepts of Object Oriented Programming picking up another OO language will become second nature.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
Oh, I didn't realize that is how they decide where to put the questions. this time I chose just Java topics when i created the question. I thought there might be different responses.
well, there still may be some different experts who didn't have a chance to see it last time;
besides that one was initially formulated not in this way and folks who saw it in the first place did not know that you want to know how to start with java and they didn't follow up later in the trail;
But anyway with search of "java learn"  or "java beginner" in that box in upper right corner you'll find more than enough advice on how to start with java
Unforunately with this new EE search I don't know how to restrict search by the date.
So in this particualr case I add my member login to the search, say type
learn java for_yan or java beginner for_yan
with this you'll be guaranteed to have only those in 2011 and 2012.
You'll still have quite a lot of references and recommendations (and don't worry - not only coming form me :))
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
your search suggestion is probably a better idea than simply re-asking a question with different topics.
sad thing is, I have been using EE for a long time because it has been and still is, such a great resource. and yet, after what you said, it finally dawned on me to maybe try a search first, then if i don't find what i'm looking for, ask a question.
actually I found how to order search results in EE by date - if you get search result - then go to Edit search (on top) and then
at the bottom you can order by submission date, so the newest questions will be on top
Still, for some reason "learn java for_yan" gives search results more relaevant to waht you are looking for than general "learn java" ordered by descending date   - sorry about that :)
Yes, in general it is a good idea to do the search first, especially when the question is of a general nature like this one

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JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
i should probably close this then. Thanks again for all the help. ( I didn't forget about you micropc1 ) it's funny, for_yan had all but one comment.
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