How to change XP wifi network key entry

When entering a wireless key into XP it requires that you type it in twice. How do I modify the built in wireless zero config to only have to enter the key once? I am looking to do this with WZC and not install a 3rd party utility.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You can't !
knada242Author Commented:
I've seen it done before.
Are you sure you weren't looking at a Vista machine?  XP does require you to enter the key twice.
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knada242Author Commented:
Yes, it was before vista was released. I do not want to upgrade to 7, as this a laptop I am now using in the field and it has a lot of tools that function really well on xp. Now I am connecting to many wifi networks and it is getting annoying.
Are these repeat locations?  If their keys stay the same, XP can remember these connections for you and connect automatically (if you want) when they are in range.

See step 7 on that link as it shows information on setting preferred networks.  This way you only have to setup the network once and XP will do the rest for you.
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The native XP tool requires you to enter the Wireless key twice.

Some third part utilities such as those provided with certain WiFi cards and with some machines (eg dell), replace the native tool with one of their own.

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Type the key in notepad, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+X
Then when prompted for the key, Ctrl+V [Tab] Ctrl+V [Enter]

The double entry is because the characters typed are disguised with asterisks, so it's entered twice to ensure they match before storing (in case you're adding the network manually from the center tab on the wireless card's Properties page).
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The correct answer is that it can't be done. (as stated in the first and subsequent respnses)
This may not be the answer that the asker would like to hear, but it is correct nevertheless.

To quote the EE guidelines:

"You can't do that"

Sometimes, you will get an answer that isn't what you want to read, but it still may be the correct answer, and you should award points to the Expert that gave you that information.
knada242Author Commented:
Ok, no problem
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