Antivirus solution for Windows 2008?

I wonder what everyone using or suggesting for AV for Windows 2008 solution.  Just six Windows 2008 Servers hosted in Data Center.  One Domain Controller, one File Server, others a proprietary software.
One hosting vendor using McAfee, another Kasperski, thinking about the 3rd one.  I liked ESET NOD32 few years ago.   Is it still good?  
Any advice?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
This question has been asked MANY times.  Here's my stock answer - post again if you need clarification(s):

McAfee - Was good... and ePO (the management/deployment tool) was useful.  But got way too bloated over the years becoming a memory hog and towards the end of my usage of it, it was failing to catch a lot of things (I did like the service they provided that allowed me to upload questionable files and get "extra.dat" definition files when necessary, often VERY quickly or within a few hours).

Symantec/Norton - FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC MARKETING.  And boy, do they know how to design a management screen.  Unfortunately, they DON'T know how to make the PRODUCT actually work and work without causing seemingly monthly problems.  And the monthly problems they seem to like to blame Microsoft for (patches), but then why don't all the other products have as many issues?  It'll take YEARS of continued RELIABLE, TROUBLEFREE product before I consider using them again.  Every major outbreak in the last 15 years that I've had to clean up has been "protected" by Symantec.

Trend Micro - They SEEMED ok... so long as they are installed LAST.  As in LAST after every configuration setting has been made.  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR NETWORK/ADD SERVICE!  Unless you learn the product IN-DEPTH.  One consultant I've done work with used them at two of his sites (I keep meaning to send Trend a thankyou card) - Trend blocked communication necessary for a new DC and DFS configuration.  No other antivirus product I've used did that so we weren't looking for them to be the problem.  We THOUGHT a business product would be intelligent.  And apparently it is - ON INSTALL ONLY.  Many of the consultants in my area have left Trend in favor of the next product below.

VIPRE Business - Excellent console, low overhead, very good technical support, very good price.  I've put VIPRE in at all my clients.  NOTHING is perfect, but this has done an EXCELLENT job so far.  I haven't had one client have an issue with a virus on a machine protected with VIPRE yet and I've had a few clients note that it caught things their previous solutions missed (AVG, NOD32, MalwareBytes)

MalwareBytes - I don't use as an AV.  Maybe fairly good, but I use it as an after-the-fact cleaner.

NOD32 - has a reputation of being low resource utilization... and it is.  BUT, it's also weak and overzealous.  The one client I had it in, it repeatedly let in variants of Antivirus 20xx viruses.  And then it decided that software that was intended to prevent users from using USB devices and the like to steal data was a virus and kept disabling it.  We pulled that out two years ago.

Kaspersky - HATE their technical support and upgrade policies.  The nightmare I went through upgrading an older version to a current version... in one case, we just put on MSE instead.  The product otherwise seems ok... but I won't be likely to buy them again any time soon.

AVG - Replaced them with VIPRE at one client and was thanked as it found several things AVG missed.  I do not recommend or use AVG, even the free edition.

Avira - Had a client using them for his home business... an update prevented him from getting online - had to uninstall the program.  In theory, such update problems COULD happen with anyone, but I don't have any interest in getting better acquainted with their product line.

Many others out there (I think I've seen a list of 40-50?  but these are the ones I've had some experience with).

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Tiras25Author Commented:
Thanks a lot Leew.  Interesting you mentioned MSE.   Can I use it for production environment or is it for home only?  Never installed on Win2008 servers.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I don't believe it's licensed for server... but it is licensed for businesses up to 10.  If you have more than 10 users, it's not appropriate.
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Tiras25Author Commented:
Got it thank you!  So looks like you are leanning towards Vipre on your list.  I myself never used that but would love to explore.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Yes, I've become a relative fan of VIPRE.  They offer a free trial and (unless something has changed) a money back guarantee (don't recall the details).
We are currently using Sophos here, works great. Install the management console, setup your default config for clients and push it out to clients. It works with AD to find clients, one or 2 didn't automatically install but we just used the sophos push method you can install via GP I believe or even SCCM if you have it.

One downside. Pricing. It isn't cheap
personally i love ESET Nod 32
but we are using Symantec EndPoint Protection and really happy with it :)
Tiras25Author Commented:
Thanks for the comment regarding Sophos!  I used that few years ago for Mac OS.  Never for Windows.  Completely forgot about that product.

Never liked Symantec AV.  Too many problems.
I'll give another nod for VIPRE. I've used it, very easy interface, and VERY good on resources.
Its ok. personally I cannot find a problem with Sophos. Not resource hungry what so ever and so be able to configure and manage all your machines in one place is just fantastic. you can even start full systems scans on individual machines as well as configure firewalls etc. Although if you do use this, make sure you disable windows firewall as you don't want to be creating firewall exceptions for 2 different systems do you.
Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
I prefer Symantec SEP, we have been using it for years and version 11 is far more stable and trouble-less older versions.
Tiras25Author Commented:
Thanks for all the answers and opinions. Will close and assign points soon.
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