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We are planning to move all the user to the exchange,  we would like to import each of the user PST file into the exchange, put them all together as one PST file which will then shared by all user.  Is this possible?  And how can we do that?
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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
not sure exactly what you're asking, if you're importing all users into exchange you're then using the exchange database (which is no longer your pst files).

to answer your question "put them all together as one PST file..."this is not an option, you can't combine PST files.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
1. Read the article below.

2. Drag and drop the emails from the pst file to the new shared mailbox on a one-by-one basis.
If you plan to have all your users connect to the same exchange mailbox, it is quite possible to simply import all the pst files, one by one into outlook; as all users would be sharing the same account, any pc could do this.

So, to summarise

1 set up an account on the server (say we call the account "allusers")-this would have an associated mailbox.

2 log onto that account from a domain machine

3 import, one by one, all the pst files required in the account.

4 when first logging on to each users system ( I assume you will be having separate users on the domain?) specify the "allusers" account when setting up the relevant outlook profile.

I have to ask - WHY? - this does sort of defeat the purpose of having an exchange server...
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tommym121Author Commented:
We would like to create a common PST or a set of common contact that every user have access to it.

I'm still not quite clear what your aims are, and you have mentioned two (possible) aims; to create a common PST and to create a set of common contacts.

First, can I confirm that you are in fact using exchange server - and if so, what version? If you ARENT - the whole ball game changes.

If you ARE - then my post above would probably work for you as far as seeing common mail is concerned. I suspect, however, that shared mail is not what you want? Is the main thing the shared contacts? Because if it is and you DO have an exchange server, there is no reason why you could not set every user to access the global address list as their primary contact point, so everyone would see the same contacts.

If you ARENT using exchange - the whole matter becomes more difficult - I can't for example see you practically using one shared PST for all contacts - as the PST doesnt share well; if fact, although its possible to do it, Microsoft does not recommend placing a pst on a shared folder (which you would have to do).

Probably the best thing you could do is tell us what your setup is (software, users etc) and we go from there.
tommym121Author Commented:

We have exchange server 2010.  I am very new in this area.  I don't know much about exchange. I was asked to put all the contact from each user pst into a central location where all user can acccess.

I think the global address is what he is thinking about.  I will have to read to find out how that can be done.  Any reference material that will be appreciated.  Thanks.
Right! Now we're getting somewhere.

In that case, as all your users are now connected to an exchange database, you can forget all about pst files for the moment -exchange stores local copies in ost files which are not the same beast at all! What we need to do is find some way of exporting each users contacts ONLY into a common global address book, and making sure that is the only one they use in future.

How many users on your system?

Leave it with me and I'll be back.
tommym121Author Commented:
I have approximately 50 users

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tommym121Author Commented:
chrisalis,  Thanks.
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