Calculating time over 24 hrs

I have a program that keeps how many hours worked at a store.  I have 2 text boxes one for Enroute to strore (named:Time Arrived1) and Time Completed (Time Departed2).  I can get the correct time if it isnt over 24 hrs.  example: 2200-2350 = 3.83 but if it is 2334-0119 i get -22.25.  When it should be 1.75.  I take total time /60.  Then text field that holds this value has a control source of =DateDiff("n",[time departed1],[time arrived2])/60.

Any help would be greatly apprectiated.  Also I have tried =DateDiff("n",[time departed1]-1-[time arrived2])/60 and it doesnt work.  Also the time fields are written in the db as time only.  The field is set for time/date and the text field is set for short time.

Thanks in advance!!
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try this

 IIf (Departed2 < Arrived1, Departed2 - Arrived1 + 2400, Departed2 - Arrived1)  / 60
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
You can use this old trick:

datTime = TimeValue(CDate(TimeDeparted - TimeArrived + 1))

Then format datTime as you like.

DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:
CD ... howdy!
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Welcome back!

russell12Author Commented:
Hey guys, Thanks for the quick reply and sorry I have not had a change to try these ways out until tonight!  I have played with both sugestions, and they are both not working.
timediff2 = TimeValue(CDate([Time Departed1] - [Time Arrived2] + 1))

It is returning a value of time.  I have formated and put an input mask on this and it is still not doing the trick and it is also returning (10:15:00 PM) when it needs to return 1:45.  because the 10:15 would translate to 10.25 hrs when in actuality it is 1.75 hrs.  The [time departed1] is 2334 and the [time arrived 2] is 0119.

=IIf([time departed1]<[time arrived2],[time Departed1]-[time Arrived2]+2400,[time departed1]-[time arrived2])

It is returning 0.927083333333333 with the same times.  Any help would be greatly appreciated and again I am sorry for not replying in a timely manor, just been very busy with work!!
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Sorry, don't know what you are doing, but

  TimeValue(CDate(#01:19# - #23:34# + 1))

does return 01:45


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russell12Author Commented:
I see your point, and yes it does work that way but for some reason when it is trying to pull from the textboxes it is returning 10:15 P.M.  I am going to keep playing with this, it has to be a problem with the textbox/textboxes.  I have the format on the text boxes set to short date, 24hr.  and in the db i have it set to time/date but it only is storing the time.  I will keep playing with this, if you have any sugestions please express them.

russell12Author Commented:
TimeValue(CDate([Time Arrived2] - [Time Departed1] + 1))

This was the answer, knew it was something simple.  I was using TimeValue(CDate([Time Departed1] - [Time Arrived2] + 1)).  After looking over your answer again, I realized i was subtracting wrong!!  Thanks for your QUICK response and your help!!!!!!!!!

Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Ah, that explains.

You are welcome!

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