Import mail files from old version of Thunderbird to 7.01 with new email address

I have a customer whose pc died so we bought a new laptop for her. She was using Thunderbird (an oldish version) for her email. She wanted to change her email address from a Tiscali address to Gmail so I set that up and got her tiscali email transferring over to Gmail. Her new gmail ac was then appearing in her new Thunderbird installation (ver 7.01) via IMAP on her new laptop.
I now have her old email from her old PC and I cant work out how to get it into Thunderbird, whether as Local folders on the C: drive or as email that I've exported up to the Gmail server so all that mail shows with all her more recent mail. Can anyone tell me how to do this please. I've been trying to do it, on and off, for months now.  She's mainly bothered about the photographs - is there maybe a way to extra all of these from her old mail and put them on a stick to copy to her hard drive  -  she would be quite happy with that?
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Just a thought - use the correct version of thunderbird from here

On an old scrap machine, extract the relevant data and present accordingly - would that do it?

If you don't have a spare machine, maybe a v/m copy on a win7 pro would suffice?

( love the moniker!)
eyetealadyAuthor Commented:
I can see the files in version 7 of Thunderbird but how do I get them from the computer to the Gmail server or do they need to remain as files on the computer?
Ah - sorry -that wasn't clear from your original post.

I would say the original files stay on the computer rather than the gmail server, although I cant see why you couldn't just drag and drop selected Files to th relevant imap folders. I've done this many times in outlook and outlook express.

I' ll experiment today.

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eyetealadyAuthor Commented:
i have too but when I tried it recently, having logged onto the Gmail account from Thunderbird, I lost a pile of them.  Not a problem because i have the hard drive with the files on, but extra work so now I have them in a separate folder which I can revert back to, but it's all rather time-consuming.   I think I'll take the folders to my customer and put them on her laptop rather than trying to do it remotely via Thunderbird on my pc and upload to Gmail a/c  Thanks for your help
No problem - not exactly sure how you LOST them - I'm intrigued!
eyetealadyAuthor Commented:
I had highlit a whole pile of files which I had brought into Thunderbird on my laptop, whilst logged into my customer's Gmail ac.  I cut and pasted and basically the whole system hung and after some time, resumed but without the files I'd cut being pasted  -  I suspect it was probably too many files to copy at one time from the hard drive of my laptop up to the Google Gmail server.  I used that function a lot because I also use Outlook for one of my IMAP Gmail accounts.
A salutary lesson in data movement - always COPY and never CUT (you can always DELETE afterwards.)

Ahhh - the joys of hanging windows....

Ain't I a stinker though!

Thanks for the reply, Eyetealady  -  I'm a nosy person, and that would have worried me for DAYS
eyetealadyAuthor Commented:
I have to visit this customer to try out what's been suggested so this will have to stay in limbo until I do which may not be too soon as she lives quite far away and I have to keep costs down by visiting when I am next in the area.
eyetealadyAuthor Commented:
I went to my customer's site, copied the old Thunderbird files onto her new laptop and then opened up that old Thunderbird email archive and it all seemed to integrate into the new setup so all sorted now.  Sorry it's been a while since I did it and I forgot to close the question!
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