Disaster recovery NEED HELP....

Have a 2003 SBS server that 2 drives in Raid 5 failed...
Have restored server with Acronis image. But that image is 45 days old do to an full USB drive...
Have a fresh Backup Exec (9.1) backup to tape.

Server is up and running "45-days" old. Have cataloged the tape and see Data drive backup, Excahange and SQL bakup ok from yesterday.

What do I do?
If I just restore Exchange, SQL and Data Drive and rest of server is 45-days old. Will that work?

Do I need to do a Disaster recovery?

Have looked around abit on Disaster recovery by backup exec.
Trying to make a Bootable CD, it gives an error when copying from Win sbs 2003 install cd (to long directory name)
Made an Disaster recovery from an another SBS 2003 server - ok. But it has difrent partitions sizes etc. Can I use that? Also diffrent Bacup Exec (10.1)

Understood that the servername.DR file holds info on drive partitioning and controller driver etc. But that DR file that supposed to update itself with every backup is several years old (from before I changed to larger drives.

If I don't recover AD (just Exc, SQL and Data) I can change passwords - no problem (10 users only)

Or is there some thing else that will force a disater recovery?

Thank you for all inputs!
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAsked:
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noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
Also. Do you recommend, when this is done to restore System state in Directory Services Restore Mode?
Yes. This cannot make the things worse.
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Unpatient me started a recovery of whole of C: , D: (data drive), SQL and Exchange.
Hooked of everything and went with default settings on job.

If this goes wrong I can restore from Image again to an 45 day old (working) version, and try again.

Please comment.
noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
I understand it so that you recovered 45 days old partitions backup and now want to restore application level backups of 2 days old. Yes, it will work. You need to restore the databases for Exchange & SQL and data. Then in Exchange Console adopt the new data. That must work.
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Jian An LimConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
the another worry is that after 45 days, machine password, as the default machine password is 30 days, so all your workstation might not able to join back to domain, but simple a unjoin and join back to domain should fix the problem.
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
I tried to run backup exec from normal Windows boot, and restore exchange and SQL + C: and D: drive.

Job failed with error : "an error occurred on a querryto a database master
RESTORE DATABASE must be used in signle user mode when tryin to restore the master database
Access denied"

What do I do?
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Tore JacobsenSystem adminstratorAuthor Commented:
Since it's seemes that all SQL databases restored ok exept master databse. (master database beeing 45 days old, from restored image) do I need to restore master database?

Running restore of Exchange again now. (have dimounted and marked it "can be restored)

Also. Do you recomend, when this is done to restore System state in Directory Services Restore Mode?

I chose to restore everything during first restore in "normal" windows and only got error on SQL master DB and exchage.

Thank you mucho
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