how do i create mobile java apps

I want to make games with java on mobile phones.

I cant get any IDE to work, as I have downloaded netbeans and eclipse on win7.
The netbeans emulator doesnt appear with mobile phones apps on win7.
On eclipse I have no idea how to get the javaME installed and emulator appearing as I cant follow the instructions.

These open source instructions to get these Java mobile apps up and running are just not easy to follow.
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I guess Java2Me covers broad range of devices, and that's why
it has much more limitations when you deal with particular device, so it is better to work with specifc SDKs
developed or closely related to particular vendors, at least for those most popular devices which do have these SDKs,
At least as far as I know Android development is nowadays becoming more and more popular.
I think you have just posted already similar question.

This is waht I posted in that question:

I think it is better to be more specfic - if you want to develop fro Android systems - then you set up it in Eclipse and download android sdk for Eclipse

If you want to develop for Blackberry - you download corresponding SDK from RIM

Those SDK come complete with emulators of particular devices.

So this development is usually more specific to the device types.

I think you need to request to delete one of these questions - they are duplicates
If you want to start with it the best way to start is to go to Eclipse and Android SDK - use the link above
jagguyAuthor Commented:
Hi, I am new to this so I have some questions still

q1)If I want to create Java games then I need to install the SDK of Android or Blackberry as well with eclipse. Then what  about  eclipse and javaME?  I need this as well   ?

To create Java games on android phone what is the total amount of things I need to download to make this happen? I have eclipse as a start then android SDK and anything else?

q2) what about netbeans? to create java mobile apps I need what as well? then emulator doesnt work on win7 but does on winxp. Do I need to instal the android sdk with netbeans somehow?
To develop for Android you need to have Eclipse and Android SDK.
Together with Android SDK comes the emulator (or perhaps even a set of emulators of different types of android devices). So you develop in Ecliopse with SDK and test on the emulator - hwne you are happy you tranfer your program to real device and test it there.

This is more or leass the same parttern of mobile dvellopment  in general.
The same thing with Blackberry, although I think RIM has also SDK which can even exist and be used without Eclipse (at least some yaers ago this is how I was developing it for blackberry, myabe now they have also soime integration with Eclipse, because Eclipse is so popular).

Even development for iPhone and iPad follows the same paradignm, though it is not java bases, but first you have SDK which is used on MAc and emulator for mac and then you move your program to actual device. But iPhone and iPad are using Objective C rather than Java

Don't know about Netbeans, I'm sure you somehow can use it for mobile development but it is less common.
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