Where Can I find the newest version from hunspell dll?

Hello guys,

All that I have from this site is the project to be compiled, but I don't know how to do this and all that I need is the newest dll.


Maybe here there are some information that can help you


for me it is advanced all the information

I need your help to get this

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I just built this in about two minutes.

I downloaded the source and extracted the tarball it into d:\hunspell (use 7_zip if you don't have it ... http://www.7-zip.org/download.html). Opened the D:\hunspell\hunspell-1.3.2\src\win_api\hunspell.sln file by double-clicking it in windows explorer.

Visual Studio 2010 starts up and asks me to convert the solution file to new format so I say yes to that. I make sure I have selected "release" in the combo box in the standard menubar at the top then right click on ibhunspell project in the Solution Explorer view and choose properties. The properties dialog appears and I alter the "Configuration Type" from "static library (.lib)"to "dynamic library (.dll)" and click OK. Then right click on the libhunspell project in the Solution explorer and choose build. Voila !!! In the D:\hunspell\hunspell-1.3.2\src\win_api\Release directory is the built dll.

If you still can't get it to compile for yourself here are some direct download links to the files  I built


Although I do recommend you get it working for yourself so you can do it again when later versions are released.


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What development tool(s) are you using?  This question is in both C++ and Delphi zones.
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The source code for the DLL is from an open source project and is C++.

I assume Alexandre wants to call the DLL from Delphi if he has put the question in that zone - it is the responsibility of the writers of the source code to make sure all the functions are exported in the proper calling conventions to do that. Alexandre wanted the DLL's compiled which I showed him how to do and also gave him links to a compiled binary, the link library and the exports file. Is there anything to add?


Given that explanation, I'm still a bit confused about your prior comment using Visual Studio.  How does that play into a Delphi solution?

The source code is not written in Delphi, its written in C++.

Once the source code has been compiled into a binary format as a shared library (".DLL" in Windows) it can be used by any compiler which supports dynamic linking (e.g. Delphi, VB, C#, FORTRAN, C++, C etc etc etc).

Because the method of dynamic linking is platform-specific the standard for a particular language would not specify how to implement dynamic linking, but most commercial compilers support it in their language implementations.

hidrauAuthor Commented:
Thanks vey much for your help
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