Internet Access problems


None of the workstations (including the server) is able to access any web pages within one of our offices.  However, I know that there is an active ADSL connection because I am able to remotely access the server using Remote Desktop Connection.  I am also able to copy and paste documents to this server from my home.

I can access the router control panel via the web from the office server but when I try to access an outside web page I am unable to, even when using an IP address.

The only evidence of a problem is if I try to ping something, I get an error "NTVDM encountered a hard error"

I have run a virus scan with 2 different products (ESET & Malwarebytes) but neither have found anything problematic.

This problem started happening on Friday.  No changes were made to the ADSL router beforehand and we have had no previous problems like this since the router was installed 2 years ago.
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Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
Have you checked DNS servers entry on each workstation ?.
also check below link, may it will help you
baileytibbsAuthor Commented:

The workstations DNS settings point to the server.  I have tried changing them to an external DNS server provided by our ISP but that hasn't made a difference.

As I said, I cannot access websites even using the direct IP address.  It is if web traffic is being blocked somewhere but I cannot see where.

I have previously tried the hotfix mentioned in the link that you gave me but it made no difference.

Thanks for your help though
It sounds like the DSL runs to your server which then routes it out to the rest of the network.  Do you have Forefront or some other proxy / web filtering software installed on the server?

If so, make sure they are running and that the services are all started.  You may even want to stop and then start them again.

check your rules in the software to make sure that DENYALL is not enabled and listed first.
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1. Hope you have checked with the Internet provider to make sure you are not blocked up stream due to a problem on their side.

2.   Can you do a nslookup and resolve ip addresses - this would make sure your DNS is working properly.  You could also try using IE to see if you can get to a site using an IP address instead of FQDN.

3.  Check the firewall!  Are you sure that someone didn't change a rule blocking Port 80?   Check the firewall logs for any kind of error/warning.

4. Can you use RDP (port 3389/Terminal Server) to get out to other locations?
If so, we can focus on web traffic

5. Sounds like you have several offices, can you see web pages in your VPN/WAN?

6. Do you have a SBS server with 2 network cards?  If so, do you have 2 gateways (bad)?  Did a Proxy service fail or not start?


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After further research, did you happen to load .NET or a 32 bit program on a 64 bit server on Friday??  Or did you recently uninstall something like Norton A/V.

That Error seems to come up due to a bad registry entry, mixed 16/32/64 bit apps, or a bad temp path in enironmental variables.
baileytibbsAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your comments.  In answer to ednetman we do not have any proxy/filtering software on our server.

In answer to Itsweb, I am beginning to wonder whether our problem is per point 1 of your list (even though our ISP - BT is not keen to help).  If I run a tracert to say it hops to the BT dns server and then simply hops all over the place after that without ever getting to the site.

I can also get into the server vid RDP and then use RDP on the server to go to another one of our servers using a domain name and so it is only affecting web traffic.
Can you get to another website using IP only?

ex:  (should resolve to
baileytibbsAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your assistance.  I pushed our ISP (in this case British Telecom) further and they finally admitted that there was a problem a their end.  

Apologies for asking for solutions that were not required, although I have accepted your solution because it confirmed what I thought, which was that we were being blocked by them.

Thank you!  It is usually far from the first place I look, but always the last!
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