Any Ideas Why The Issues With Linux Ubuntu v. 11.10 Firefox Cannot Play This Particular Youtube.Com Video And Windows 7 64-bit Firefox With The SAME Web Browser For The SAME URL And SAME Video Can?

Hello. I have a question to ask you regarding Linux Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit.

I notice when I am using the default web browser for Ubuntu v.11.10 -- that is Firefox, and I wish to play some video on it (as a test trial and found a few) that did NOT play on Ubuntu's Firefox. This is not the case for all videos. Many videos do play fine on Ubuntu's Firefox. For those that do not; I get the message, The video is currently unavailable." printed in white on a black area of the's video screen.  For example: The name of the video is called, "Ottawan D.I.S.C.O" with the URL: . Now, I checked it in Windows 7 64-bit's Firefox web browser the SAME video with the SAME URL and I had no issues playing it. So why is Ubuntu's Firefox unable to play the video and Windows 7's Firefox can play the video. I made sure I had the SAME web browser as well to compare it to.

FYI and this may or may not help you and be considered irrelevant to this question: I have both my Windows 7 64-bit and my Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit installed on the same hard drive on the same computer with shared booting.    

Any ideas why the issues with Ubuntu playing this particular video and not Windows 7 with the SAME web browser for the SAME URL and SAME video?

Please reply.

Thank you!
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
That video is played with Adobe Flash.  Do you have the same version of Adobe Flash on both setups?  The video drivers are not the same for Ubuntu and Windows but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.  You should also know that although Firefox for Windows and Firefox for Linux are supposed to Do the same thing, they are Not the same exact code.

I just checked on my Ubuntu 8.04 system and that video plays just fine with Adobe Flash in Firefox 3.6.17.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ DaveBaldwin & ve3ofa:

Hello. Nice to see you both again.

Thank you both for your comments.

Okay, I have enough to fill you in...

Okay, I see you both indicate that it has something to do with Adobe Flash. It crossed my mind once too, then quickly dismissed it since I "believe" it was installed and working properly.

Originally before posting his question/thread here on EE, I went ahead and installed Adobe Flash player a couple of days ago after installing my Ubuntu v.11.10 64-bit operating system. I Google searched for: ” adobe flash for linux” and at the Adobe website (, and selected the *.tar.gz file download. I opened with Ubuntu Archive Manager to install it. I didn't save this file at the time. No problems, it was successfully installed. However, I was getting the “The video is currently unavailable”. So why the issues here I ask myself? It is installed. Then I posted this issue as a question/thread here. Sorry, I did not comment myself in my initial post; but then again at the time, I did not feel this was the culprit.      

@ve3ofa: First, I must say regarding the nicely homemade weblink you just made for me on the website, thank you!!! ;) As of that moment, I wanted to watch your video you created -- I was working on my Ubuntu operating system. Since I knew I was able to watch 'some' of the videos without any issues, I decided to watch your video right here on my Ubuntu. Unfortunately and ironically, I get the same message, “The video is currently unavailable.” trying to watch your video to see what I need to do.  So the only way to watch it was on my Windows 7. So I booted to Windows 7 instead. Your video ran on my Windows Firefox there with any issues. Now, as I was watching it, you were using my sample video from my initial post and you yourself was receiving the same message on your screen,  “The video is currently unavailable.” As I was watching your video I saw from out of thin air (from nowhere) a window instantly pop up titled, “Firefox Plugin...” (I cannot recall now the exact title, but I think it was “Firefox Plugin Service”; I may be wrong.). I am not sure what you did, but assumed that somehow in Ubuntu that this window “Firefox Plugin...” appears instantly from nowhere if I wait long enough after trying to play a video and getting the “The video is currently unavailable.” message. So figured I would attempt this myself. I booted back into Ubuntu and went to my Firefox web browser and went back to my sample video I posted in my initial post above (The one you are using too in your YouTube .com video.). Of course, I get the same message,  “The video is currently unavailable.” I then wait a few seconds and I see NO window that opens titled something like “Firefox Plugin...”. So I do not know what you did in order to get that “Firefox Plugin..” window to show up??? Please explain.

Then I figure, let me do a little Googling online to see if there is any solution to this issue. I Googled: “ubuntu launch firefox plugin service” and I find the following right from Ubuntu website: .

I decided to give it a try. I opened up Terminal and ran the command lines for: “64-bit Firefox and 64-bit Flash plugin”, specifically, “1. Remove currently installed versions of Flash.” I performed that. I figured it should remove the version I put in. I would try to re-install Adobe Flash again.  That 'should of” removed the version of Adobe Flash I put in. Then I performed, “2. Install Adobe flash plugin:” I did that too. Strangely at the end, I see in the command lines, “Package adobe-flashplugin is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available form another source. E: Package 'adobe-flashplugin' has no installation candidate.” I have attached a couple of overlapping screenshots from the Terminal responses for your inspection.  

So I am not sure what is going on here? I really do need your help.
Please reply to my questions and actions I have outlined above. I figure I shouldn't be having too many issues wit this simple installation of Adobe Flash that I can do effortlessly in Windows.

Please reply.  

Thank you!
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
I followed the instructions on that page to the letter and uninstalled and reinstalled the adobe flash player video
BazingerooAuthor Commented:
@ ve3ofa & DaveBaldwin:

Hello again, thank you ve3ofa for your last comment.

@ ve3ofa – Thanks for your latest new online video. That again is very nice of you to do that for me. Now, again I had to watch over in Windows 7 to see it and take notes. I made a TXT File for me to bring back to Ubuntu from your video to use. While in Ubuntu, I got to the command line in Terminal: sudo rm -f  /.mozilla/plugins/*flash*so Nothing more happened for me that is much different from your online video.

However, I did open my Ubuntu Firefox browser and went to the homepage of There on the homepage, it told me about updates that I needed to install at the top bar of the video screen of the browser window of Ubuntu Firefox. I said I didn't see this before. I then proceeded to follow this to see if indeed would install the necessary files. I then saw a window open that was titled, “Plugin Finder Service”... ...”Completing the Plugin Finder Service”... ...”Firefox finished installing the missing plugins: Gnash SWF Player Installed Firefox needs to be restarted for the plugin(s) to work.”. I installed that and restarted Ubuntu Firefox. I then see in the same window a link that states, “Find out more about Plugins or manually find missing plugins.”. I click on this link and I arrive at the webpage: . On this “Check Your Plugins” webpage, I select and click the link “Firefox Free Download”. However, I notice something very interesting at the bottom of this very same webpage before I select and click on that link. It states, “Missing FLASH? For your safety, Firefox has disabled your outdated version of Flash. Please  upgrade to the latest version.” With “...upgrade tot he latest version.” as a highlighted weblink. SO THIS EXPLAINS WHY I AM HAVING ISSUES AND YOUR SOLUTION AND MY ATTEMPTS ARE NOT WORKING – VERSION INCOMPATIBILITY ISSUES! So back to that original web link I previously stated above, I select and click on that button (he link “Firefox Free Download”) and I am given the file name: firefox-11.0.tar.bz2 . I install it by using Archive Manger and restart Ubuntu Firefox.

I check on my Ubuntu Firefox for that sample video and IT PLAYED!!! HURRAY!!!

Issue over. :)

So who solved this thread/question? I am going to say this... ...from what I just said, it was a compatibility issue. It has an outdated version of Flash. I know Firefox for any operating system has been steadily upgrading their web browser that I see Adobe is racing to catch up with Mozilla's Firefox. So, I found this solution on my own. However, I am awarding ve3ofa 400 points for the continued dedication and time to complete those wonderful videos on I am awarding DaveBaldwin 100 points for his applicable response that would typically be the reason for my issue as well. I am taking the Accepted Solution with no points with this comment since the solution is indeed here in this comment above.

Again, thank you both for your help!!!

Oh, I have added this TXT file below I just mentioned above that I extracted from ve3ofa's 2nd video from ve3ofa's last comment. This is here for my future or anyone's reference to use.

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BazingerooAuthor Commented:
Again, thank you both for your help!!! Nice videos, ve3ofa!!! I like your little tune in your second video. ;)
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