installing eclipse

How do install eclipse properly on win7 32bit OS?

I download the classic version and unzip this to a folder, and run eclipse.exe.

Then I see whole lot of errors appearing so what do I do?

Mon Mar 19 09:09:26 EST 2012
HTTP Proxy Authentication Required:

org.eclipse.ecf.filetransfer.BrowseFileTransferException: Proxy Authentication Required
      at org.eclipse.ecf.provider.filetransfer.httpclient.HttpClientFileSystemBrowser.runRequest(
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when do you see all those errors?

I several times downloaded differen versions, unzipped, then double-clicked on Eclipse and it opened it without any problems

At waht point do you see these errors?
I downloaded from this location

and I have 32bit winodws, though XP
Don't think it should matter much
jagguyAuthor Commented:
as soon as I run eclipse I see a ton of errors appear in log. i dont touch eclipse.

check updates or install new software

I am using win7. this is very dodgy I have to say tying to get eclipse to work, as I dont do anything as I just uninstall it and run it!

Some sites could not be found.  See the error log for more detail.
HTTP Proxy Authentication Required:
Proxy Authentication Required
HTTP Proxy Authentication Required:
Proxy Authentication Required
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>I see a ton of errors appear in log.

Does eclipse itself ask about workspace and then does it open the screen?

Perhpas I would see the same in the log - maybe I just never looked there ?
jagguyAuthor Commented:
yes eclipse opens and asks about a workspace. i just click yes.

all these erros appear when i open eclipse in the error log

also i cant upack eclipse in a folder I want either.

surely someone must have seen this before as I am not doing anything other than unoacking and clicking on the exe to run it.
>all these erros appear when i open eclipse in the error log

How do you do that?

I may check what I see if I do the same
jagguyAuthor Commented:
NO I dont do anything, I click to  run eclipse and then these error appear in log in bottom window pane.

i am running windows7 32 OS, is there a bug with this?
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
It seems as though you are connected to the Internet via a Proxy Server. Eclipse probably isn't the best with autodetecting the settings used (at least in my experience with our corporate IT network).

You may just have to manually set up your proxy settings. Do you know the details of your proxy server setup; hostname, port number? In Eclipse, go to Window menu, then Preferences, then in the window that comes up, go to General, then Network Connections. Choose 'Manual' as the Active Provider and then Edit the Proxy Entries (depending on your proxy server setup, in my case I set the HTTP and HTTPS entries with my proxy details).

Try this and let us know how you go!
Don look at that error.log window.
Why do you need eclipse immediately to connect to internet when you start it?
There is no need for that.
jagguyAuthor Commented:
as I said I dont do anything with eclipse apart from download/unpack and run.

I want to also add android to this but before I do this I have to be confident eclispe does actually work.

After your changes I get this problem everywhere instead of errors. the erros have gone

System property socksProxyPort is not set but should be 8080
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
Are you sure that your proxy server uses Socks? I would just leave the settings for that entry as blank, for the moment at least.
why does Eclipse need to connect to the network when you just start it?

It does not need to do it.

Just don't look at error.log tab and don't change anything in the network settings - try to create Hello world application and execute it
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
> Just don't look at error.log tab

Hahahaha, I like your problem solving technique... Just don't look at it and then it's not a problem. LOL!
jagguyAuthor Commented:
here are my settings as you suggested,
i will also take out the socks enty.

There are 2 image sin the doc x file.

taking out socks enty gave more errors in error log, but my proxy doesnt have an entry for the socks.

This is really really messy to use as I cant use eclipse and expect it to work with android sdk.
I am just practical.
You can't look at all possible logs all the time.
Follow your trail, when something really prevents you from doing waht you want - the look at the log and everywhere.
Why should eclipse need the proxy to go outside when you just start it?
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
> taking out socks enty gave more errors in error log

What are the errors?

Also, I note that in the screenshot, the user column is blank. Did you enter your proxy username and password when you entered the proxy host name and port? That's the important part as the initial errors were reporting, Eclipse was finding your proxy, it just wan't authenticating properly with it.
jagguyAuthor Commented:
OK i copied the unpacked eclipse to the desired folder , added in prefences for manual , proxy and left socks blank and added in user/password for all of it.

I dont get any errors , I can
for help -> install new software , I get no site selected and i dont know if this is corect .

I dont get any errors and the market place comes up as well.

might close this thread and do another with testing it.
jagguyAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for jagguy's comment #37735907

for the following reason:

no longer a problem
mccarlIT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
If you have added the proxy settings, including username and password, and you are noe no longer getting the problem, to me that indicates that I have provided a valid solution to your problem.

I believe that http:#a37735710 and http:#a37735842 provide a correct solution to this problem.
jagguyAuthor Commented:
no, i had to get the thing installed at home with no proxies.

i think this is a bug with eclipse.

with proxies the adt  sdk would not install. that is why it took me the whole day fiddling with everything. it was a nighmare actually.

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jagguyAuthor Commented:
my last comment
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