Exchange 2010 DR Activation


I am using Exchange 2010 SP2 on all my exchange 2010 servers. I have 2 mailbox servers in primary site and 1 mailbox server in DR site.

When I tried to simulate actual DR, I am facing issues in activating mailboxes in DR site.

DAC mode is enabled.

To begin with, I shutdown the mailbox servers in primary site. I ran the stop-databaseavailabilitygroup command to mark the servers in primary site as stopped.

I also ran the same command in DR site also.

Then I stopped the cluster service in DR mailbox server.

I had already configured the alternate file share witness server long back.

Then I ran resume-databaseavailabilitygroup command in dr site. While running this command certain errors where shown as cannot evict mailbox servers in primary site.

If I go to failover cluster manager, dag is up with ip address of dr site.

However, my mailbox databases do not get mounted.

Require your help to resolve this issue.
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Joelsandeep330Author Commented:
I do not know whether database activation is blocked in DR site. Let me know if any additional commands need to be run to activate mailboxes in DR site.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Can you brief your design bit more, also how is DC sites setup. Is this a VMware server?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
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Joelsandeep330Author Commented:
I am using Hyper- V

Should I use Move-activemailboxdatabase command to activate the databases in dr site?
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
It seems you are going with default setting, then use Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase cmd. Test it.
You don't need to stop the cluster service in DR site, if you are bringing it up there.

It should be stopped on your primary site, ready to be failed over.
Joelsandeep330Author Commented:
Thanks for your response.

However, all the Microsoft articles suggest that we need to stop the cluster server in DR site before running the resume-databaseavailabilitygroup command.

I had also tried with cluster service running in DR site and running resume-databaseavailabilitygroup command. However, this gave an error saying DAG server should be stopped before running the command.

Awaiting for your response.
When I did this, i made some documentation for my failover which occured a few weeks ago, went according to plan.

You will need to set the databases in the primary site to stopped

Stop-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG1 -Mailboxserver MBXSRV1 -Configurationonly

Stop the cluster services on mailboxes in primary site.

Then run the restore-databaseavail command in the DR site.

Restore-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAG01 -ActiveDirectorySite SiteB

This will bring the quorum online in SiteB and evict the nodes.

Also, you might want to force Active Directory replication before running the restore command to ensure you are fully replicated in AD for any Exchange adjustments ready for the failover.
Joelsandeep330Author Commented:
I will re-initiate DR today night and will note down all the errors. I will share the errors if I get any during this activity.

I have already configured alternate file share witness in DR site. Do I need to again pass alternate witness parameter while running restore-Databaseavailabilitygroup command?
no, they will take onboard the parameters already in the DAG configuration.

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