User name not populating

I have a computer that sometimes the 'User Name' list populates in the Task Manager - Processes and sometimes it doesn't. Does this indicate a problem? I am running XP Pro SP3.
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flubbsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Click Start, Run and type Services.msc
Locate Terminal Services
Does it show it is running?
If not, double-click it
Set the Startup type to Automatic, and click Apply
Click the Start button to launch the service manually.

Now check Task Manager and see if user name is populated.
jbcbussoftAuthor Commented:
The service was started but it was set on manual. I changed it to automatic. Does this indicate a problem?
Not necessarily. It should be on automatic though so it starts at boot time. If set to manual, it is supposed to start when needed, but that does not always happen.

Since the service showed as being started, does that mean that task manager was showing user names?

If so, then test it to see if that is the problem. Go back in and stop the service. Then open task manager to see if it populates. You may need to set it back to manual, or even to disabled and then reboot to see if that was the cause of your problem.

As I said, sometimes services set to manual do not always start when they are supposed to, but that does not indicate a serious problem at all. It is better to have it set to automatic to ensure it is always started.
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jbcbussoftAuthor Commented:
Per your suggestion I tried to disable the service but it wouldn't let me. I wouldn't even let me choose Manual. I rebooted and it took too long to shut down. I restarted several times each time taking almost 15 minutes to shutdown. I tried to set the service back to Manual again and it just sat on the Terminal Services properties page for about 10 minutes. I finally gave up and powered it off. I brought it up in safe mode and changed the service. Now it is back to a sometimes Username population but it will respond. This one may need a reload.
Yeah, sounds like there is some other underlying problem. I would suggest running a full scan for malware with MBAM if you get the chance, just to make sure that you are clean.
jbcbussoftAuthor Commented:
That was done first with MBAM, SuperAntiSpyware, & Hitman Pro 3. This one has been a pain. Thanks for the info on getting the username to populate.
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