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C# List<>

I created a WCF App.  I am returning a list.  I am trying to figure out how to return it to a variable on my client page.  I also need to read the values.

Here is the call to the WCF

LogIn.MyAPILogin(this.txtUserName.Text.Trim, this.txtPassword.Text.Trim);

How do I get the values

List<LoginResults> myresults = LogIn.MyAPILogin(this.txtUserName.Text.Trim, this.txtPassword.Text.Trim);

2 boolean values are returned
- MustChangePassword
- IsAdmin
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Your question is unclear.  Are you saying that "LoginResults" consists of two booleans?  And why would you receive a list of results from a single login?
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the sproc returns two values.  Because of this I am returning both values in a list which contains the two values.

And yes, LoginResults (as I said) contains two values:  MustChangePassword, IsAdmin.

I did not design the sproc - I have to code to it.  So I must obtain the values to determine what I have to do on the ASP.NET page.
What you actually said was "2 boolean values are returned".  Looking at your function call, it is evident that it returns a list - NOT two boolean values.  Are you actually getting two different login results, EACH containing two booleans?  It is still unclear.

I have no idea what is going on at your end.  However, it seem that regardless, you probably simply need to iterate the list and get your values:

foreach (LoginResults results in myresults)
   // Do something with 'results'
   if (results.bValue1 == true) whatever;
Ok, lets see if I can explain this clearer.  I have developed this.

LogIn.MyAPILogin(this.txtUserName.Text, this.txtPassword.Text)

The above returns a list containing
-  MustChangePassword
-  IsAdmin

My question is how do I get those values?

The below code is an example

List<LoginResults> myresults

It does not work.
Didn't you say that LoginResults contains two bools?  Now you are saying the list contains two bools.
no - loginresults is nothing - i used that as an example to get my values from WCF.  This is what I have

LogIn.MyAPILogin(this.txtUserName.Text, this.txtPassword.Text)

This returns a list with two values
-  MustChangePassword
-  IsAdmin

How do I get this list on the client side?
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