How to get 3G donlge to automatically connect

I have a netbook pc with 3G dongle. Is it possible to get the connection manger to automatically connect to the providers network on start up.
This is to simplify opearation for elderley user
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Duncan RoeSoftware DeveloperCommented:
What do you have to do just now to get it to connect?
At work we have a Linux system with a 3G modem which we start off inittab (could presumably change to started if that's what you have). Nothing fancy - only shell scripts.
Getting PPP configured right was the hard bit.
What flavor/distro of linux is it?
stopmAuthor Commented:
Sorry i think i put this in the wron category as it woul be a windows device. Also if i buy a netbook with 3G built in would that make it easier to automatically connect to network on power up
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For windows, go around the connection manager software by making a dialup connection for it and set it to connect whenever a network connection is required.

Basic instructions for Win7...
Internet Options, Connections tab. Click Add, choose Dial-up.
Select your 3G adapter (rather than the netbook's built in POTS modem, if any).
Put anything in the phone number field and click Connect. It will fail, but choose Set up the connection anyway. Now you can select it on the Connections tab and click the Settings button. Here's a screen grab showing where to make most of the relevant settings.

Basic settings for 3G dialup connectoid
CDMA/EV-DO modems dial #777, while GSM/HSDPA modems dial either *98 or *99 (if one doesn't work, try the other). Where I have 'never dial a connection' on the left, you say you want it to always connect, but it would likely be better to use the 'Dial whenever a network connection is not present' option instead... then whenever a browser or other internet software tries to make a network connection, the modem will connect (but not until/unless).

Oh, and I guess these settings need to be checked on the Options tab, too.

3G-Connectoid, Options tab
Otherwise it will insist on making you enter a name and password, though the connection is usually tied to the device, not to a user ID/pw.

If you need more specific directions, we need more info about what you have.

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stopmAuthor Commented:
Thanks darr247 i need to give this go.
stopmAuthor Commented:
Can you leave this question open as the netbook is givng me a "no sim detected" error so i cant test the above soloution.
Ay sugestions ref this error?????
stopmAuthor Commented:
Hi Darr247

I finally got the sim to work in the netbook. Have set up connection as you sugested. I do actually want the 3G connection to come up as soon as the laptop is powered on so under connections tab i selected "always dial my default connection"
Also if i look at the Acer conection manager it has a dial number of *99# so i entered this in the phone number field.
If i try and test the dial up connection i configured by selecting connect to the internet under the internet options then select the dial up connection i get the message shown attached.

The pc is stll connected to the broad band network while i am testing this as i should be able to get both connections up at the same time. It certainly works ok if i just use the conection manager. Both the 3G & wireless are showing up at the same time
Change the number to just *99 and try it (without the # on the end).

Also, look in the Properties of the connection on the Connections tab, in the dialog on the far right in my first inline image, ensure the 3G modem is still selected (I've seen windows switch it to the regular phone modem by itself before).
stopmAuthor Commented:
Thanks Darr247. After some playing around with the settings you sugested i found that if i right click on the 3 icon in the network connections pop up then there is a tab there which says always connect to the 3G network so this solved the problem of having to set up a dummy dial up. THanks anyway will award point to you for your assistance.
stopmAuthor Commented:
See my last comment ref soloution
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