Excel Vlookup Issue: Need multiple columns of vlookup data

Hi Experts,

See attached spreadsheet for example of what I am trying to do.

In Range A2:A10, I have a list of building names.  In columns B-K, rows 2-10, I have different levels that upgrades can be applied to these buildings.

In Range A13:A62, I have a list of all 50 levels.  In Range B13:B62, I created a simple CountIf statement that counts the total number buildings of that level in Range B2:K10.

What I need is to be able to display all Building Names in columns C:K next to the total number of buildings per level.  Is this possible with a VLookup?  I have created static data of what I am talking about in rows 13-17.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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In C13 and copied down & across,


Array formula. Confirmed with CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

RobStlAuthor Commented:
Hi Kris,

Thank you for your comment.  When I put that formula into C13, it returns "#VALUE!" for some reason..  It says that there might be a circular reference..  Do you know why this might be for me?

In the attached spreadsheet, I used the formula in C3 through C62


(replace the | with a , if you are hand typing into your spreadsheet).

This returns a value of the building name in the column.

Modify the formula slightly for the remaining rows (you can copy down):

=IF(COUNTIF($3:$3|$A13)>0|$A$3|"") for Building 2
=IF(COUNTIF($4:$4|$A13)>0|$A$4|"") for Building 3, etc.

You then get a table listing each building that exists for that Level (1-50).

Hope this works.

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RobStlAuthor Commented:
Hi ltsweb,

That will actually do for what I need :)  I finished the remaining columns and it worked and is simple to understand.

Great Rob!
I have to say, I liked the other solution from Kris, but I couldn't get it to work either!  I am glad the simple solution worked for you!



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