Help with Canon iR1024F multifunction printer

We have a Canon iR1024F multifunction printer in our office that is causing a bit of grief because if you accidentally print a document to it that has its paper size as "Letter" and the printer's trays are set to use "A4", the machine halts, flashes and beeps saying incorrect paper size.
The only option that works is to cancel the job from the printer's interface, go back to our PC and reprint the job ensuring that the paper size is correct (A4).
I've searched high and low through the devices web UI and there is no feature such as an A4/Letter override that I see in our HP Lasers.
We paid a lot for this "Business Grade" machine, that doesn't seem to have the ability of a $500 laser printer...

Is there a firmware update (legit or custom) that fixes this issue?
Or, is there a workaround?
Or, is there a Macro that can be used to set the Page Layout to use A4 that will work with both Word AND Outlook (emails) 2010?

Please help if you can.

ReeceICT ConsultantAsked:
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Some Canons have a "Shrink to A4" option in printer settings. Does yours have that? See this link:
lucifer82Client Technology ManagerCommented:
What you could do is to setup the printer server.

You can deploy the printers from the server and you can also control the default setting so that unless someone manually change to "letter" it will print in A4 instead.

You can setup it up via adding the role on one your server.
it looks like a driver problem, here some ideas, and workarounds (to adjust the tray) :

here the latest driver :
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ReeceICT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion lucifer82... unfortunately the computer this will be used on exclusively is not part of our domain, and the domain server is 2k3 32-bit, while the computer I'll be using it with is Win7 64-bit.  
I will try the "Shrink to A4" option first then a few different drivers if I have no luck.
I'm currently using the 64-bit V290 UFRII drivers.
I've read that Whirlpool forum thread twice before posting here on EE and there is no consistency with the fix.   It varies on computers.
It's just a pain in the ass that such a simple function is not available on a corporate multifunction!
you can try the vista 64-bit drivers to test
lucifer82Client Technology ManagerCommented:
You can have Canon technician to come onsite to set the default printing to be A4 though. Just that if somone tries to print in "letter" it will sitll have an issue as they specifically asked for it to be "letter" so it's more of user control is what your after.

You might be able to use the local policy to edit the microsoft outlook/Word/Excel to force using the A4 as their default printing paper.

Part of the problem is that many printer installations default to Letter. As a result Word and other apps will also default to that size. That's just fine in the US, but in the rest of the world the paper size is A4. As A4 is not that different from Letter (Letter is 6 mm wider, A4 is 18 mm longer), in most cases it will be just fine if the printer forces it onto A4.

But yes, users and drivers should be set to A4.
lucifer82Client Technology ManagerCommented:
Hi hdhondt,

The trouble is though since they are not in the domain it's more of less it's going to be manual process to setup individual PC correct with default setting of A4.

If it was in domain as I mentioned earlier you can do so via print server with group policy to change the settings for all PCs.

Another way is to create the image of the PCs first with the default settings of the printers assuming that it's same spec/model PCs.
ReeceICT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Trust me... the computer's language and region settings are set to Australia.
MS Office's language setting is also set to Australia.
The printer's driver is set to use A4 both on the preferences page and the default settings page.
The issue is that the printer itself halts when a job is sent to it as Letter (usually an accident because the user printed a document generated on a computer with the incorrect region settings).
Sure, I could create a Macro for MS Word so that when pressed it sets the "Page Layout" to A4 and then prints the document, but I was after a fix for the printer (not the PC) in case we used it on more than one PC.  I was hoping for a known solution or firmware update.
If you read the article Nobus linked, you will read that it is a recognised issue with a number of Canon printers...

At this point, it looks like I'm just going to have to make sure each and every computer is set up correctly with the correct region and language settings and the correct default paper size.  That and some education for the user to show them how to clear the print job from the queue, cancel it on the printer and change paper size.

Cheers anyway

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Do Canon support say that there is no A4/Letter override?
ReeceICT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
not in those words.  But one of the Australian service centres said something to that effect.
Canon have a very large office in North Ryde. Have you called there? Surely somebody should be able to give you a definite answer.

It sounds crazy that nobody at Canon has considered this problem - which is one that affects just about every printer outside the US. Even in Japan they will have the problem whenever someone tries to print a document from the US.

Of course this will all be fixed when the US finally admit that the metric system is just so much simpler. In another 200 years perhaps?
ReeceICT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks hdhondt - I called the North Ryde Canon office and they referred me to our maintenance agreement provider, who not being a canon engineer referred me to Canon technical support.
And so the circle begins...
Looks like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place...
ReeceICT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I haven't found a solution yet and although helpful, none of the suggestions above are a suitable solution.  I've awarded points for helping, but we're relocating the troublesome Canon to an office with two users who are quite IT proficient and are use the printer despite it's A4/Letter issue.
We've installed a new Kyocera MFD which keeps everyone else happy.
Thanks anyway.
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