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Converting ESXi VM machines

got 2 x PC with ESXi they are running with windows server now we are looking forward to get server and load ESX then move both VM from the PC ESXi into the newly created ESX machine.
What's the best way to do?
Can we install the Vmware server and convert existing VM using the convertor then again convert VM from the Vmware server into ESXi host?
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Hi Joyjohn,

You can use the veeam fast scp to copy the VM Folder/Files across to the new server/ new shared storage.

After that you can browse the storage through the new host and add them in there.

You can also use vmware converter within the VM to 'convert' it again by pointing the target to the new ESXi host.
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thanks Hnccocka, few questions:
1. do I need to install the convertor on the VM machine to convert online VM or i can do this by installing the convertor on the physical machine. Last time I tried a convertor from separate physical machine and it didn't allow to convert a online VM machine.
2. when i convert a VM by selecting the NAS (storage) location as shown on your video, do I require same amount of space as VM machine. For instance if VM server has 2 drive (C: & D:) with 80GB data do I need same amount of space on the storage.
3. In my above case mentioned case, can i just convert both Vm machine into storage location and restore back into the new ESXi host using the convertor? Is this going to be problem if current VM is running on ESXi and new host would be ESX (any difference?)
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Ok, i have installed convertor on VM machine and selected:

powered-on machine
- this local machine

VMware workstation or other Virtual machine

Vmware product: Workstation 8.0

Is that okay if i just select workstation 8 as product?
though I am goint to restore the VM file (.vmx) file into the ESXi host.

if you specify Virtual Infrastructure Machine you can convert directly to ESX.
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at this moment just require a copy. am i able to restore file that specify as workstation?
if you just need to make copy, does not matter what format, because you will use Converter to Convert, Import later. So Workstation is okay.
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Thanks Hanccocka,
I have opened another question related to vCPU and VM settings, hope you can explain.