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veeam backup

I have installed a New Terminal server (terminal server 3) with windows 2008.
Today i got a Warning notification:
Backing up object "[Terminal3] terminal3/terminal3.vmdk"
Unable to establish direct connection to the shared storage (SAN).
Please ensure that:
- HBA is properly installed in the Veeam Backup server computer, or software iSCSI initiator is configured correctly.
- SAN volume can be seen by operating system in the Windows Disk Management snap-in on the Veeam Backup server.
- Read access is allowed for the Veeam Backup server computer on the corresponding LUN (refer to your SAN documentation).

Direct SAN connection is not available, failing over to network mode...

Please Help...Is there something wrong?
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it just means Veeam cannot connect directly to the storage connected to your terminal3, so is failing over to network backup (slower)  Your backups are still taking place.

Have you presented the new Terminal3 LUN to all VM hosts, more specifically the host running Veeam as well?  Veeam must be able to see the LUN to backup direct from SAN.
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Yep They are on the diffrent LUN.I mean
VEAM Server -LUN02
Terminal 3 -Local Drive

How can i change Terminal 3 Lun from Local To LUN2 Paul? or do i need to open new question for that?
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ok, by the sound of it your Veeam is running in a VM, stored on the SAN. It's backing up other VMs also stored on your SAN. CORRECT

You have just created a Terminal3 server, it's stored on the local hard disk of an ESX host. CORRECT

If this is correct, to back up Terminal3 server using the "direct connection", you will need to move the VM to the SAN. CORRECT

You can use Storage vMotion if you have that license (and are using VMWare!)---YES I HAVE
If you don't have that feature licensed, you can also just use Veeam's "Migration" option
to copy from the local storage, to an appropriate SAN LUN.  You will need to remove the orginal VM from the Inventory, then once copied, Browse the LUN, right click the VMX file and Import back in again.
thanks Paul -I will try