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Move VM`s in Folder

Hello Experts,
some VM`s i cannot move from one to other folder, others without any problems. i can`t find the issue. Perhaps you have any ideas ?!

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Do you have any resource allocation set?

Any error messages when you try to move it?
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Moves a virtual machine to the location that is specified by the -Destination or the -Datastore parameters. The destination must be a folder, host, cluster, or a resource pool. Moving a virtual machine in a cluster is only possible if the virtual machine is in a resource pool in that cluster. If the virtual machine is outside the cluster, you need to specify a virtual machine host in that cluster as destination.

(VMotion for Powered on...)
When moving virtual machines that are powered on, "VMotion" is used. To specify a server different from the default one, use the -Server parameter.


More info:
Moving or copying a virtual machine within a VMware environment

Moving or copying virtual disks in a VMware environment
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No, nothing. I cant move the VM, theres no "hand" but a "circle with line"...
Hi Elmar,

Can you show us the view in "Hosts and Clusters" ?
@rhinoceros: I know. But i dont want move Virtual Disks, Datastore or anything else. I only want move the VM from one Folder called "Produktiv" to folder called "Serverhousing"
@lucifer82: Shure :)

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@rhinoceros Ok, sorry. Your link works and i can move the vm`s :-) but why only with CLI, not vphere Client?

I have never used "resource pools", and I would like to run ("mv" move command) to change/move folder by SSH service.
Thanks for help :-)