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Suggestion for mobile phone

I was in search for a good mobile phone and now stuck at Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, because all the features that I require are there in this phone.
Please see this comparison between Sony Ericsson Xperia & iPhone 4

Could you please suggest me any other phone than these two, with allmost all the features of Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro ?
My budget is not more than $400. In Indian rupees, not more than Rs.20,000/-

Thanks in advance
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I am using SE Xperia NOT mini,


Good User interface, But its an Android interface
No hardware issues as if now. i bought 6 months ago


No battery back up , goes for one day MAX
Slow , become faster when i upgraded to Gingerbread but still little slow.
Sound clarity is NOT up-to the mark of Sony Walkman series.
Ear set is paining and its a flat one NOT the one which goes inside ears so less bass and more treble.
Screen is not touchable, when your hand are wet. it just slips and no difference in screen.
In call volume was very low before the Ginger-bred upgrade ,now also little low.
Ringtone voice max is just sufficient.
No Radio Support :-(

PS: Sony Ericson's is Sony now, I bought it for 24000/-
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Thanks PeteEngineer for the valuable information.

To confirm, could you please tell me by 'SE Xperia' did you mean the same phone that I mentioned here - Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro ?

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Any windows Phone would satisfy your needs. Who is your phone carrier?
Yes. I prefer Windows Phone also. BSNL is my phone carrier.

I am using HTC P3400 for last 4 years, which is a windows phone :)

Thanks Mikal for the suggestions. Could you please clarify -

What is the difference between 'Windows Mobile Phone' and 'Windows Phone' ?
Is HTC TyTN II and HTC Titan 2 are the same phone ?

Overall reliability;
HTC best all round option
Android os, typically a good touch screen model, decent camera, 5mp or higher.
Re budget, depends upon what it costs you at your end.
Get the best you can buy for the price, include a good tough durable case
Thats a windows "Mobile" phone. You need to get a Windows Phone:
Could you please tell me the difference between 'Windows Mobile Phone' and 'Windows Phone' ?


I am sending a link because the OS's are two different worlds I would need a lot of time to differentiate.
Thanks for the link Mical

Could you please tell me by 'SE Xperia' did you mean the same phone that I mentioned here - Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro ?


I think HTC Titan 2 and HTC Titan seems to be much above my budget. Could you pls confirm ?

Pro is different from Xperia ..
Ok, so go to eBay and check the HTC hd7, HTC radar and the Samsung focus. One of these should do the trick.
Thanks for the suggestions, which I have gone through. My requirements are
1. Front Camera
2. 8 MP Camera with HD Recording
3. Screen Size <= 3.7"
4. Other than Symbian OS
5. Good RAM, Internal Storage & CPU Processing Power.
6. FM Radio.
7. Touch Screen. If having QWERTY keyboard, good.

I am here with four mobiles right now,668,159,2027

Could you pls provide any suggestions on these ? Is there any phone better than these ?

I am not sticking on any specific phones, except any symbian OS mobiles.

Thank you
Out of the 4, the Motorola Atrix 2 is sweet!!
Yes Mikal. Me too think so. Need to check whether service for Motorola is available in my area.

Though I am checking whether any Sony Ericsson mobile is available with similar features of Motorola Atrix 2

I came to know that Sony Ericsson is not supporting Video Call even though it has Front Camera :(
The windows phone is looking good now.:-)
I will close this question by next week.

Thanks for all inputs
There is an issue with the wifi module.
you mean wifi of HTC One x ?
i noticed the price of HTC One X after I posted here only - Rejected :)

Now I am here -,2027,166,1120
I believe the evo 3d is for sprint..
Thanks Mikal for the information.

I am looking at
where I can see this phone is available for sales in india

I think this phone works with cell providers of india. Need to check with some dealer.
Other than this, do you have comments on this phone ?

I would use it as well :)
I think I have find right phone - Sony Xperia P

Features I like in this phone are:-
Processor - 1 GHz NovaThor™ U8500 Dual core
Resolution - 960x540 pixels
Size (diagonal) - 4 inches
Scratch-resistant - Hard coated shatter proof sheet on scratch-resistant glass
Touch gesture - multi-touch, up to 4 fingers supported
Internal phone storage - 16 GB (up to 13 GB user-accessible memory)
RAM - 1 GB
Camera resolution - 8 megapixel
Photo flash - LED
Video recording - HD 1080p
Front camera - VGA for video chat
Sensors - Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, Magnetometer & Gyroscope
Radio (FM radio with RDS)
Wi-Fi® hotspot functionality
3D surround sound

Price is around Rs.23500/-

Could you pls comment on this phone ?
3G Video Call is supported ?

Yes the video chat is supported because it has a Front camera - VGA for video chat,
That I understand. I heard that Android OS is not supporting 3G Video Call (VOIP) option. (There will be no option to do a video call like voice call through mobile service) and heard that supports only video call from services like skype...

Recently I belive new version Gingerbed supports 3G Video call.

Could you pls share your knowledge on this ?

Also kindly let me know your suggestion on this phone ?

I am impressed by your lightning reply!

VOIP is supported, you just need an app. Here is one of the many:

The phone is gorgeous and I would use it as well :)

Good Storage, great clarity, nice size, all the sensors and scratch free screen.

Great choice!

I think I didn't communicate properly about I am trying to ask! I am sorry about that and to ask you again.

This is regarding video call provided by service provider. For eg:- in a 3G phone, I use Video Call instead of voice call. Here shows about the same in Nokia.

that seems like a Nokia in built video call application. I have no idea if its compatible but you probably use the other apps to do so. Like here:
I think my search for a good smartphone is going in right direction! Now I started dreaming about Samsung Galaxy SIII. But I think iPhone5 would be very costlier than Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII Vs iPhone 5

My budget now is Rs.38,000/- ($688)

Go with the galaxy!!
Thanks Mikal
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Rajkumar Gs
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Samsung Galaxy S3

I have bought Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday. Thanks!!
And do you like it???
Seems to be nice phone with great features... Just playing with it and learning it... :)
So far Samsung Galaxy S3 has exceeded my expectations.
It has Video call using 3G. (running Andriod 4.0.4 Icecream Sandwitch)
Previously I was using HTC phone running Windows 6.5. Andriod OS is impressing.
Great to go with this phone :)