Can an iPad Airprint to a 2003 R2 Windows Server on a domain with 10 shared network printers ?

I need to be able to print from an ipad to network printers installed on a Windows Server (2003 R2) that has around shared 10 printers.

My domain is 10.0.0.*
My Print Server is
My Printers are all on 10.0.8.*

I have a Corp Wlan on a seperate vlan 10.0.6*

I can connect my ipad to the Corp Wireless Lan and it gets a DHCP address of

I have downloaded an app on the iPad that allows me to send ping request.

I can ping both the print server and also all of the shared printers on 10.0.8.*

Is there anything i can install on the Server that the ipad will pick up and allow me to print to all or any of the Network Printers ?

Many thanks for youru time.
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can install Google Cloud Print in your server, but what you can print is the content inside GMail of your iPad.
its basically an app from the printer manufacturer like hp eprint


so if there is no printer app done from the manufacturer there are generic printer apps but I think all the printer companies are doing it at the moment so it might just be waiting a bit if not
oh and print to the print queue on the server not the printer
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Jackie ManCommented:
iPad will not talk to your print server.

So, it is very likely that your mission could not be fulfilled.
hmm yes  isn't the print queue on the ipad I think it is
rookeydooksAuthor Commented:
I found out that the Wireless Controller on our network won’t allow devices to see each other. The make is Alcatel.

We are currently upgrading this to  a newer controller that has a built in firewall and have been told we will be able to control what devices can see each other.

Anyway on to the solution !

I ended up using Google Cloud Print and an app called PrintCentral Pro. It’s not a cheap app at £6.99 but it did the job and allows me to print from my iPad. Performance is pretty good too. I press print and the printer kicks in to life a few seconds later. It was only a text doc so guess speed will depend on file size.

For now it works. But ideally it would be nice to have an application on our Print Server that will allow me to select any network printer on our Lan. Therefore be able to print on the move throughout the business.

With Tablets becoming more popular within the workplace, network printing is a must !

Thank you all so much for your time.
Jackie ManCommented:
Thanks for your valuable and detailed feedback.
i use hp airprint a free app did you look on the specific printer companies to see if they did an ipad printer app I have seen hp , epson doing free apps and that tells me all the manufacturers are going to have to do it too
Jackie ManCommented:
This is the updated info for accepting airprint print jobs from iOS device running iOS 5.X.
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