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How to organize a programming company?

I have  programming company , we developed an ERP Automotive system since 2004
we developed the system with powerbuilder and Sql 2008 with the following modules:
-Consumer finance
-Service garage
-Vehicle management
-Asset Management
-Inventory System

We are 18 programmers and 2 sales Engineers, we make a lot of sales localy but the market is limited,and for the past 5 years the company is loosing , what ideas you can give it to me to turn this company from loosing to wining?
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1 Solution
what does your software do

can you cloudify it ?
IhabAuthor Commented:
I give you the specific modules we have, cloudify ?can you give me more details ?
I know the technology of Microsoft and google Apps are going into clouds, but please give me more details  

Warm Regards
the web is reorganicing for the cloud which means it can be hosted anywhere

for instance if you had a database server and it just needed say a url means it can be hosted anywhere
thats whats going to change I think make software work in the cloud which means its reorganised into web/url access
the front end can then be a web site
that means it can be configured for the cloud
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IhabAuthor Commented:
Does this bring more sales?
where are you based?

1. What client base you are targeting?
2. In that client base what is the alternate product available, its features and the value for money
3. Give them same or more features, ensure reliability and offer better value for money.
4. Marketing, marketing, marketing
5. Give this software to one of the leading clients even if you will not make money on it, that will increase your sales and you can boast xyz is our client.
6. Is the programme web based ?
7. Cloud and all - put it on hold for now, dont jump into conlusions fasr

1. Do market survey/research
2. get to know what people want from you
3. learn what competition is offering
4. Add steps 2+3 + value
5. offer outstanding customer experience
6. be personal to the customer
7, Market, market, market market, market
8. Enjoy the success
IhabAuthor Commented:
1-I am targeting the dealerships customers,  I already have Toyota and Suzuki and Aston Martin
2-The Alternate is Kerridge, it is in the market 30 years ago and extremely expensive.
3- I have a lot of features
4-International Marketing can you give me some Ideas, because the Magazines and Newspaper and Tv are very expensive, and now we are barely paying salaries
5-I agree with you totally in this point
6-No it is not a web-based
7- Cloud, for me how it well work? do you mean install the server in my site and host it for the customers

thanks for you support
Its just a fancy term for hosting your solution in a webhost. If you are providing your solution for the customer to install and be resposnible for their data and maintanence this is not applicable to you


It has to be web based - or haveing server hosted for each client and clients connecting via terminal services - in these two cases you are responsible for it.


Make it web based, you be responsible for the database and maintanance of database etc and charge each client for per data stored per month.

So for client no initial cost.
No cost on hardware
no need for IT support.
Give them a training and they will do
You need to maintain this - not very expensive
Offer clients free update whenever you update the system
Outsource development to other parts of the world where its cheaper

International marketing -> lot of aspects, I have done this before, its a strategy -, things which will work in china wont work in brazil, - its all about knowing your customer.
IhabAuthor Commented:
Really I appreciate what you gave me a useful information, can you tell me in brief about your experience in international marketing?
I agree with making your solution more web based. This will be by far the most efficient way to not only have your clients up and running in a shorter time but will save you many hours of tech support. But of course it takes time to assymilate so I can understand that you would want to just keep moving forward with the current version and build on the cloud for the future . It will save money and get more recognition.

If your system is universal enough for the industry there are many directories you can find the dealerships. Dont forget there are many many smaller dealers out there and you may want a lite version to hook them in with.

Of course I'm not in your industry nor am I potential client so I don't know what the features you offer but I know sales.

You have got to hone in on the direct need of the potential client and network.

You should have a sales force of 10 and not 2 if you want to expand. Looks like you have a nice sized team . Put them to work. If any have good people skills have them assist in the research and in the initial contact making.

cold calling still works no matter how many people say telemarketing is dead. Just watch out for do not call lists and local laws.

Have some of your sales force traveling or hosting webinars as well.

The list in the other comment is also great to follow.

Sorry didnt get the time for reply. Hope you have found a new strategy.

IhabAuthor Commented:
Please advise , I will reopen the Question again,
I need advise really at this stage
Warm Regards

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