Best Programming Scripting Language to automate Reports


I have many daily and weekly Technical Reports on my schedule

Most of these reports are repetitive and involve rearranging of excel data to generate reports in its final form

What do you think the best programing or scripting languages to use for this matter ?

I was thinking about using python,,which i heard it is great for that matter, but the idea is that i want to create portable installable tools for that to use it in more than one branch of the company.

Your ideas and experiences are appreciated
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Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
If you are on about scripting excel data inside excel then you really MUST be using Excel's built in VBA scripting.
I was thinking the same, yes vba is portable and is the one to use with excel.
telecomXAuthor Commented:

I want to move data in many times between excel and word, and sometimes i have to rearrange data and do some advanced filtering and sorting
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telecomXAuthor Commented:
also ,, my script/program should be able to reformat the excel file to the original format, and i don't want the script to be vulnerable to people's mistake, i.e cannot delete by mistake /change format,etc

I forgot to say that my reports will include generation of Graphs/pictures and including these in word
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
ALL of the above is achievable in excel/word using VBA. It will very much depend on your available Skills as to what you can do and how long it takes,
telecomXAuthor Commented:
VBA can transform data in to a template in word and rearrange it ? + to copy cirtain jpgs from a file or from an excel to the right position in that word file ?
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
yes, its called Office Automation.

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telecomXAuthor Commented:

Does it have limitations ?

when i am thinking about more ways for automations ,, will i reach a certain limit especially if i want to make some commercial codes for some local departments >?

will development be faster or similar speed to python ?

Thanks for your efforts
The only thing you can not do with Excel VBA is create an exe file. Excel defines RAD (rapid application development). In many cases outstripping all other languages in its development cycle. Of course the issue for you will be to get a knowledgeable developer, or learn it yourself (which is fairly easy to start with.)
telecomXAuthor Commented:
Thanks ,, i will try to learn it and feedback,, Thanks for your support
Neilsr should get the bulk of these points as he was the one that first stated the solution of using VBA. My answer was just in support of that.

telecomXAuthor Commented:
Sorry Guys ,,, i am new here ,,, i thought the last response was also made by Neilsr,,, to correct :)
telecomXAuthor Commented:
ID: 37741939 should have taken the highest points as i researched and i got good stuff about office automation, i chose the other one as solution thinking by mistake,, that the same Expert answered both comments

i want to

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