javascript function giving wrong output

Here is my file attached.  Please  unzip to  find test.html .  run this in IE browser.

In test.html  page , I select a checkbox in page1 and then go to next page .  I select another checkbox in page2  and then go to next page. I select another checkbox there in page3.

Now click submit button.

I get an alert "1 item selected".
This is wrong. It should be "3 item selected"  because I checked 3 checkboxes.

Could you please take a look whats wrong in my javascript function ? how do I fix it ?
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Tom BeckCommented:
All of your checkboxes have name="student" making them mutually exclusive. When you check the next one, the last one becomes unchecked.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
>>>All of your checkboxes have name="student" making them mutually exclusive.

OK.  thanks but  I dont want to keep separate names for checkboxes.   I have kept separate ID's for them though.

Can we modify the javascript function  now  so that it can  give the correct results ?

Basically ,  at the end I  want to send the selected checkbox ID's  to the server.
Tom BeckCommented:
Are you trying to make the checkboxes on each page mutually exclusive? If so, you can make the name for the inputs on each page unique. Like: page one name="student1", page two name="student2". Then in jQuery:

var fields = $("input[name*='Student']").serializeArray();

The * will find any name attribute that contains the word "Student" and add them to the array.
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cofactorAuthor Commented:
>>>Are you trying to make the checkboxes on each page mutually exclusive?


I  just want to collect  all the checkbox  ID's   selected by user.
Tom BeckCommented:
My bad. I'm thinking radio buttons.
Tom BeckCommented:
How about this? Add this to each checkbox:  onclick="adjustCount(this,;"

<script type="text/javascript" id="js1">
function onSubmit() 
  if (fields.length == 0) 
    alert('nothing selected'); 
    alert(fields.length + " items selected"); 
var fields = new Array();
function adjustCount(chkBox, chkBoxID){
        var tempArray = new Array();
        for(i = 0; i<fields.length; i++){
            if(fields[i] != chkBoxID){
        fields = tempArray;

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cofactorAuthor Commented:
>>How about this? Add this to each checkbox:  onclick="adjustCount(this,;"

why there is no  pop ?  what if the user first select a checkbox and then again unselect right away.... do you consider this  situation ?
Tom BeckCommented:
I did consider that situation. The "else" section of the adjustCount function loops through the array and removes any checkbox id where the checkbox is not checked. Array.pop will not work because it only removes the last item in the array. I cannot be certain that the checkbox just unchecked is the last item in the array.
cofactorAuthor Commented:
Thanks. That solved my problem.
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