Outlook 2007 problems with reciving mail


I have Windows XP Pro + Outlook 2007.
I have noticed that I often do not recive mails from customers who send me attachments.
I have checked and I see this emails if I use webmail.

I have checked:
- they are not in spam folder
- they are not in antivirus folder
- the PST file is not to large (4.5GB); limit is 20GB
- there are not rules to move this messaged somewhere else

Any suggestions?

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Sounds like you need to change a setting using exchange powershell.  Inline attachments needs to be set as true
celjan79Author Commented:
I dont use Exchange.

I use POP3 to recive email.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT AdministrationCommented:
Is it every attachment or specific types?
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Check that it is not just stripping the entire mail due to attachments.

To enable attachments for a specific file extension follow these steps:

1.Close Outlook.
2.Type regedit.exe from the run command.
3.Navigate to the following registry key. The value 10.0 will vary depending on your version of Outlook.
4.Create a new String value in the root of this key called Level1Remove using the edit menu.
5.Edit this item and enter a ; separated list of file extensions to stop blocking. For instance:

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First check AV protection to see if its removing email attachments with email scanning
Second are there any errors indicating an issue in outlook in the details on send/receive? (hit f9)
celjan79Author Commented:
Its strange because this error only happens time to time. 90% of the time we get all the attachments.

There are no error when send/recive (F9).
Firewall issue? Or do your have an antispam system set up that filters mail before delivery?
celjan79Author Commented:
No firewall other on the router. No antispam system.

As I said. The mail is in the mailbox (when I use webmail).
It only isnt in my inbox of Outlook.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT AdministrationCommented:
Quickly set up your account on Outlook Express if you have and test, something is wrong  with your Outlook 2007.
celjan79Author Commented:
I know something is wrong :)

I dont want to use different program. I want to repair this one. To use different program is not a solution for me.
Make sure all microsoft updates are installed
If above doesn't work or is already done go to Control Panel, Add / Remove Program, or Programs and Features, Microsoft Office 2007, right click, click change, click repair, and run
Prabeesh BalanSystem Support AnalystCommented:
I believe this issue you can fix by recreating your outlook OST file.

-      Close your outlook client
-      Go to the default location of OST file
-      Rename outlook.ost
-      Open outlook client, it will automatically recreate your OST file.

Here is the default OST file path for XP:- Drive:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

The user has a Pop3 account which is a pst, ost file is exchange. If he would delete the pst file it would delete all emails and contacts.  This is not advised.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT AdministrationCommented:
These are troubleshooting methodologies, we are trying to eliminate available possibilities or problems, already we know Outlook 2007 has a problem yes, but it could also be your e-mail host company restricting you. Are you using a public account like gmail or a paid for account?

It could happen that you are allowed to download a limited size of attachments or not. With that being said, can you now set up your gmail/public account on the same Outlook you are having problems with and send receive to see if you can get attachments?
celjan79Author Commented:
We have more email addresses and they all work without problems. We dont use public emails like gmail and have our own web hosting with domain name.
Are the attachments by any chance all sent from a Mac?
Also check that the attachments is indeed just attached and not actually embedded in the mail.
celjan79Author Commented:
jerseysam: I dont know about the OS being used for sending those emails. But If the same user sends the same email to our other e-mail address we recive it without any problems. So it looks like Outlook problem.
celjan79Author Commented:
Outlook Express o the same computer does not have these problems.

I have tried "repair" function of the Office and no affect.

Are you able to install another version of Outlook. Just to run as a test? ie. outlook 2003 or 2010 on that PC. Try and eliminate where the issue lies?
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