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When selecting help in an excel spread sheet, the error come up "This page is unavailable".  Please see attachment for more info.  The information provided on the help page did not solve the problem.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Have a look at this article from MS, It looks like you might have disable Visual Basic for Applications in Excel.


Let us know if this helps
WyleOPAuthor Commented:
I see that the article tells you all about the issues when VB for Apps are not installed, it doesn't tell you how to correct the problem.  Any ideas?
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WyleOPAuthor Commented:
Problem not resolved by enabling VB tab
see if you can attach that screen shot you said was attached when you logged the question. Also is there anything coming up in the event log?
WyleOPAuthor Commented:
Doc attached per your request.  Not sure about the event log, I'll have to check the user's computer when I get access to it.
WyleOPAuthor Commented:
it doesn't look as the attachment was attached.  I am unable to attach the attachment.  I've tried a word docx and a .pdf file.  Neither one will attach.  I will type it below

"This page is unavailable"

"The page you are looking for is unavailable.  To view this page, you may need to connect to Office.com, where you'll find the full range of help articles, videos, and training courses. Try the following:

* If the bottom of the Help Viewer says Offline, and then click Show content from Office.com
* Click Refresh on the tolbar
*Click Back on the toolbar, and then click the link to the page again"

Tried the above with no joy.
You do have access to the internet correct?
WyleOPAuthor Commented:
This is a funny error then.

I saw this article on line and suggested to do this:

Go into Internet Explorer, select Tools | Internet Options, and clear your cache and temporary Internet files.
WyleOPAuthor Commented:
tried your suggestion by clearing the cache, no joy.  I failed to mentioned previously that I do not get this error when I log on the desktop as an Admin user.  The help files are displayed.
i have tried to replicate your fault on a users machine running on the machine as a power user and the user can still use the F1 Help option.

I am starting to think this is not a Excel problem but more a internet access problem hence your admin can browse out as your admin user would have been authorized, Can you check on this for us?
WyleOPAuthor Commented:
I had another non-admin user log on to the box and the help menu worked for him.  So, that leads me to believe that there is an issue with his profile or excel settings.
I would say more likely the profile.

Try the users account on another machine or re create the users profile on the original machine.
WyleOPAuthor Commented:
Will try on Monday, the user is out of the office today.
WyleOPAuthor Commented:
User tried another machine and was able to access the help features in excel.  Sounds as if it could be a profile or a settings in excel under his profile.
Here is the process to create the new profile in XP

WyleOPAuthor Commented:
Question unresolved!  User decided to live with the issue.

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WyleOPAuthor Commented:
Issue unresolved!  User decided to deal with the issue.
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