Add Additional Website to IIS that is Running Citrix Web Interface

How can I configure an additional website (Not Citrix) in IIS.  I installed a new website, gave it a different IP and host header and it broke Citrix.  Citrix is using the default website.  I was able to get to the web sign in page, but was not able to log in successfully.
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rsilver24Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Decided to move the second website off Citrix.  Lesson learned.  Do not install Citrix to Default Website.
Elmar KoschkaIT System EngineerCommented:
Bind the Default Web Site to the other IP.
rsilver24Author Commented:
Citrix is using the default website and it is using a different IP than my new website.

Citrix is using 192.240.x.x and my new website is us 10.61.x.x
Gaurav SinghSolution ArchitectCommented:
is this IP 10.61.x.x is added to your NIC?? Also make sure the new website have separate root folder it should not b in Citrix root folder
rsilver24Author Commented:
Decided to move website off Citrix
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