Crystal Reports - formula to wrap text after 10 characters.

I need create a formula the will allow me to control when to wrap text. I'm looking for a formula that I can put in the 'Can Grow' section to determine this. I cannot use the the text sixe to limit the characters.
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I think you will have to explain in more detail what you are trying to do.

You can use a code loop to add a Chr(10)  -new line-  every 10 characters .
Is that what you want?
jessieBooAuthor Commented:
No I want to be able to set the number of characters when a wrap of text will occur. Like after every 10 characters wrap text.
I don't see the difference between 'wrap every 10 characters' and 'newline every 10 characters'?
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jessieBooAuthor Commented:
What I'm trying to do is where you set 'Can Grow' there is a formula button.

I need to know how to set the number maximum number of lines in a formula based on the size of the string in the text box.
You can't as best I can tell control the numer of lines from that formula.  It requires the result to be a boolean to indicate whether the field can grow or not.

Why do you want to control it?
If set to 0 it will grow as needed.

jessieBooAuthor Commented:
complicated to explain here why. Just need to do it.
I don't think it is possible.  I don't know of any way to access that value from a formula.

Are you overwriting something below?

Is the growth causing an unwanted page break?


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