Why does a machine outside the domain isn't registered in the DNS when connected to the network?

I have a mind bothering question,
During a test, I saw a strange behavior, a machine, not joined to the domain but connected physically to the network, didn't get registered in the DNS, however, i was able to ping it using it's name.

i'm trying to understand how could it be, i'm thinking maybe because of WINS? or a restriction in the DNS (if there's such) but i'm not too sure if it's even technically possible.
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dphantom9002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
WINs.  Check if the PC name is there.  I bet it is.
is it in the same network segment as the machine you where pinging from? windows will do broadcasts to determine machine names
Premkumar YogeswaranAnalyst II - System AdministratorCommented:
Make sure, your DNS is configured for Scure and non secure updates.
If you want the non domain Workstation to be registered.
johnnyjonathanAuthor Commented:
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