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we are running oracle 10g with TDE.  I ran an export on one environment (full data pump export using the encryption parameter)... ran fine

I'm trying to import it into a 'blank' database.  I issued the command to set up the master key/wallet and even copied over the wallet from the originating database.
However, everytime I issue with IMPDP I get the following:

I'm using the same encryption_password parameter and value as I used for the export.

ORA-39001: invalid argument value
ORA-39180: unable to encrypt ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD
ORA-28362: master key not found

Suggestions... i'm obviously missing something.
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Chakravarthi AyyalaConnect With a Mentor Database AdministratorCommented:
Did you open the wallet using

sqlnewbie08Author Commented:
Yes... the wallet was opened.

The export is from QA database. The import is into a DEV database, which is 'blank'.
I'm performing a 'full' export with the excryption password parameter.
I copied over the QA wallet to the proper location on the DEV server.
I then made sure the wallet was open...

The error points to the master key, not the wallet being closed.

As a note (that may make a difference)... initially in this DEV database a wallet was created with a different master key.

I had dropped the schema associated with this set up.

Could that be causing the 'confusion' ???
The error is coming from the expdp encryption command.  and not the database wallet.

Make sure that your impdp encryption_password (imp parfile) is same as expdp encryption_password.
sqlnewbie08Author Commented:
The password is exactly the same as was used in the export ..."X"... can get any simpler then that :)
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