WMServer Error in Windows 2003 Server

The above error pops up regularly on a Windows 2003 Server domain controller.  Any ideas what is causing this error?  It is prohibitive to do much guesswork because this is at a 24 hour facility and obviously there will be no computer access while the domain controller is down.  If I need to post further info, please let me know.

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fundacionrtsConnect With a Mentor Administrador de SistemasCommented:
I never install Windows Media Services on my servers, but the components are under

Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Windows Media Services

If you run Configure Your Server Wizard you see that Streaming Media Server is installed? Youcan uninstall it using this wizard too.
fundacionrtsAdministrador de SistemasCommented:
Are you using Windows Media Services on your server? I suppose no, because you say it is a domain server. In that case you can disable this service that is one of te responsables of VMServer.exe
MetMcAuthor Commented:
As far as I know Windows Media Services is not being used on this computer.  How do I disable it?
MetMcAuthor Commented:
Uninstalled.  This appears to have solved the problem.  I will monitor until the morning and give credit at that time if nothing further pops up.

Thank you.
MetMcAuthor Commented:
That did the job.  Looks like this was inadvertently installed as a Windows update from WSUS.  I authorize the updates, so I take the blame.

Thanks for the help.
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