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How to run SAS program in UNIX Bash shell script?

I am trying to run .SAS program (test1.SAS) from Unix Bash shell script file. Please let me know what I am doing wrong in my Bash shell script or in my  .SAS program code.

Note: SAS dataset "dataset1.sas7bdat" does exist in the "testing" directory in Unix.

Unix Bash shell script

#script - tmp1.sh
export mydir
$sas test1

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#filename test1.sas
libname lib "$mydir";
data lib.dataset2;
   set lib.dataset1;
   if _N_ < 10 then output;

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Are there any other ways to run SAS programs (with SAS datasets) from Unix bash shell script?
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1 Solution
Aloysius LowCommented:
you'll need to use the sysin parameter:
-sysin [filename.sas]

i can't remember if you can trigger a sas session by just sas, or if sas.sh is needed, but it should look like:
> sas -sysin test1.sas


> sas -sysin [full path]\test1.sas

there are other options you can include like -autoexec, -log etc
labradorchikAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, lowaloysius!!

I will definitely try your way trigger SAS as well, but is it OK to reference  "mydir" logical as I did in the test1.SAS?
libname lib "$mydir";

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Also, what if I want to reference a directory with a file (.SAS, .DAT, or .sas7bdat), would it logically work?
Thank you!
Aloysius LowCommented:
no it won't work... that is a UNIX variable which you are trying to use in a SAS session...

like i mentioned in my other answer, that's AFAIK... i'll be glad if a fellow expert proves me wrong on this...
labradorchikAuthor Commented:
Thank you!!
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