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I have a computer that doesn't have a CD player.  What is the most efficient way to convert my CD music to MP3 songs (on another computer) so that I can play them on my computer (using iTunes or Windows Media Player)?  I am still running Windows XP on the computer, though I will be converting on a Windows 7 computer.  


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I'm a real fan of CD-Ex

It's open source, small, very fast and efficient.

Guys, the asker said he doesn't have a CD drive, which is required to use the programs you mentioned.

But to answer your question, you need to use a program (such as the one mentioned above) and the process is known as "ripping," but the first step is getting a PC that has a CD/DVD drive in it. Hard to believe that you don't have one, but they can be purchased for cheap through sites such as (for example), and it's an easy install.

You also mention "on another computer," so you will have to also get another file transfer program, or maybe something as simple as a thumb drive. Although it might make more sense to just install the "CD Ripping" program on the other computer and do it that way.
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"What is the most efficient way to convert my CD music to MP3 songs (on another computer)"
"I will be converting on a Windows 7 computer"

He will be using a PC with a drive to do the conversion.
Ok, I read that you weren't going to have a CD drive, but if you're going to be using a new PC with a CD/DVD drive in it, it shouldn't be an issue using a ripping program. No need to reference the old PC.


It works.  Thanks.

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