Juniper RE0 RE1 Routing Engine run seperate OS ?

Does juniper RE0/1 each run an OS or its seperate? need little overall brief architecture on juniper
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shashankj86Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In Juniper routers there is complete separation between the control plane and data plane operations. RE is the brain of the router and handles control plane operations (chassis mgmt ,handling Routing protocols etc.). Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) handles the data plane and uses the forwarding table programmed in hardware for packet forwarding. RE creates the routing table and pushes the entries onto the forwarding table on PFE.

Two REs in Juniper router operate as Master and Standby. In case master RE fails the standby RE will takeover the control plane operations.

You need to ensure that the configuration is synchronized between the two REs so that in the event of failover Standby RE has the latest configuration file.

RE0 and RE1 are 2 routing engines that Juniper use to control the devices and manage the control plane.

Each of them run in thier own hardware and own OS however to get them to work together (which is why you would normally have them) then we would need to have the same OS version on each.

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