anyone has useful website to recommend for hacker study?

i am the beginner and want to learn some basic but useful things.
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n4th4nr1chConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How to become a real hacker:
1. Purchase this book:
And read it cover to cover. Stop and google/wikipedia things you don't fully understand.
2. More. Including programming and a lot, lot more.

How to become a 'script kiddie' or play hacker:
1. Try out hacker tests such as or
google and read about on wikipedia or elsewhere, these terms:
DLL Injection
Pandora Reverse Engineered
SQL Injection
keygen algorithms

That will give you a brief introduction to how to be an entry-level hacker.
Ashok DewanConnect With a Mentor FreelancerCommented:
Check this WEBSITE
you can study here, plenty of videos and there are some basic also there. you will find it in starting.
Here's a site to familiarize you with some of the terms and techniques, since you're a beginner. Remember, we don't promote hacking here...
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