EE pages slow to open

hellos, since the new EE system was introduced, i found the EE pages are opening slowly
when i click on a Question - it takes 3-10 seconds for opening
other pages open instantly
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Ashok DewanFreelancerCommented:
Yes , It's seems to be heavy and slow. But rest of all is very good.
I don't experience this at all. You've given very little information, but a couple of general ideas that come to mind are:

Scan for malware (malwarebytes)
Try opening IE disabling add-ons (not sure which browser you are using, but see if the issue remains with a different web browser, such as Chrome).
Go to a site like and see if the speeds it gives you are consistent with those promised to you from your ISP.
Run a program such as ccleaner and clean out your reg/temp files.
If you run an anti-virus/spyware program, make a Trusted Domain with that program, or do so in your web browser.

If none of those work, then try to give us more information on the problem.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Yes, they're slow.  I wouldn't do any of that unless other sites are also slow.
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Well that's weird. EE is not slow at all, it certainly doesn't take 3-10 seconds to open a page; at least not for me. Pages actually open almost instantly for me every time.
nobusAuthor Commented:
i use IE9 - with a relatively fast system, 8 Gb ram
no malware
it seems others have the problem noticed too - tx for posting the info!
now only a reaction from EE to correct it  - and i can close this
Try and compare other sites.  I am not experiencing any slow loads, but you never know.
NerdsOfTechTechnology ScientistCommented:
Sorry to be the voice of truth..... but BUY A NEW COMPUTER and a SUPER FAST INTERNET CONNECTION as websites are FORCING this on users via BLOATSCRIPTS such as JQuery (main culprit) and other MEGA BLOATED SCRIPTS that increase page sizes like crazy to make a site look "nice". This is the norm for design until HTML5 takes on more of the work-around JAVASCRIPT derived BLOATSCRIPT's gruntwork.

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EE seems to be quick sometimes and then slow on other occasions.
Not sure if the cause might be the way I'm viewing the questions / solutions, as sometimes it seems to sit for 5-10-15 seconds when opening in a new tab, (I've tried this from work and home, laptops, different desktops, IE8 / IE9, 2gb - 4gb ram).
Was thinking it might be the way I was viewing the list of questions and answers then either opening directly or even via a new tab, it still seemed to be inconsistent, ie. slight delay.

Nobus; I think there were a few posts when EE changed onto the new layout re delay or performance in using the site, still seems to be delayed depending upon how the view option is set to so am not sure if this is related to anything?
nobus--I have no problems with slowness at E-E.  But I do at one other site.  I found that my HOSTS file was causing some or most of the slowness, so I toggle HOSTS off when I access that other site.
nobusAuthor Commented:
tx - i verified the hosts file - there are NO entries
nobusAuthor Commented:
today it's very slow, more like 10-15 seconds now
nobusAuthor Commented:
Hurray  - today march 27 -900am they open up normally
i'll close this ticket tomorrow
nobus--Obviously one or more of the suggested fixes did the job.  :)
nobusAuthor Commented:
i did not use any fix - so i don't know
anyhow - since it seems working now, i'll close this Q
too bad - but no cigar this time, if that's ok with y'all ?
I think some of us said there's no problem on our end.  So there never was a problem with EE itself?
nobusAuthor Commented:
others reported :
Yes , It's seems to be heavy and slow
Yes, they're slow
EE seems to be quick sometimes and then slow on other occasions

so obviously others had the problem also - which has completely disappeared, and it can't be a windows update - because they are ALWAYS OFF

so imo it must be something changed at EE side

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nobusAuthor Commented:
i wish to thank everyone for it's input, but since the answer came obviously from EE itself - no points assigned
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