Citrix Access Gateway + Safeword + Citrix Reciever

   Anyone successfully get the iphone/android citrix reciever working with citrix access gateway with safeword authentication.
I know it is not offically supported but i have read alot of forums where people are getting it working fine using safeword instead
of ras with the reciever.

At the moment i have setup micrsoft radius and safeword IAS agent. I can login fine from a desktop pc with the
two form factor authentication. With the citrix reciever i try login I can see the traffic coming in authenticating ok access
granted on the radius server so everything looks good but then the reciever through up an error can not contact the access gateway
I "Access Gateway address is invalid or down"  

I have created a xen app service website. I have created a xen app service website and it has the same fqdn of the access gatway
my xen app website has  

Anyone any ideas??


BarepAssetsSys AdminAsked:
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BarepAssetsConnect With a Mentor Sys AdminAuthor Commented:
I was able to get this working. There was a few bits to it. The xen app server could not connect to my fqan public address. Instead of trying to connect public i created a host entry in my host file

"public fqdn"   "private or lan facing ip of the cag"   i then also needed to install the certs from the access gateway on the xen app server. Citrix reciever started working then.
Dirk KotteSECommented:
you should use the XenApp Web-Site (not the Service-site) within the receiver.
but it is tricky to configure...
from "new account" window select the "help" button and than "manual setup" -  webinterface - and select the URL of your webinterface...
thats all.
BarepAssetsSys AdminAuthor Commented:
But this coming from outside/internet so the xen app website or web services site is not publicly availible from the internet I am not pointing at either in the reciever i pointing at the public fqdn
BarepAssetsSys AdminAuthor Commented:
came to correct solution
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