Other user account gets copied in on a user's declined meeting requests

Our SBS 2003 server running Exchange 2003 SP2 has started to do something very strange involving 3 users. Here's the scenario:

- User 1 creates a meeting request for User 2.

- User 2 declines the meeting request.

- User 3 gets the declined response as well as User 1.

The declined response appears in User 3's mailbox like follows:

From: User 2
To: User 3
Subject: Declined: test

Although User 3 has shared access to both User 1 and User 2's calendars, he should not be copied in on declined requests. How can this be fixed? They are using Outlook 2007 and 2010 depending on the user in question.
Jim JonesAsked:
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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Can also check that the overall delegate setting are set to the reccomended settings
On User 1 PC

Open their OUtlook
Go to tools>options>Delegates

You should find, User 3 in the delegate settings

You can remove the user entirely
Or you can look at the permissions of the user
Under Calendar you will see
Delegate receive copies of meeting related messaged sent to me
 Untick this

Apply Okay
Jim JonesAuthor Commented:
Couldn't find any delegates listed on User 1 or User 2's PCs, but User 3 had User 1 as a delegate on their machine. I have removed it and will see what happens!
SOunds like that should do it
Jim JonesAuthor Commented:
No complaints since then, so it looks fixed. Was the Delegate settings on User 3's machine. Thanks!
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