Need Window keys to center active window

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a key combination to center the active window for Win 7?
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There's no combination by default in Win 7 for this, but you could use Windows Key + Up arrow to maximize the window.
Win+Arrow Right/Win+Arrow Left (move active window left/centre/right)
Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
I think you need a tool like AutoHotkey. I just installed it and found some code to assign this 'center window' functionality to a key:

X = %A_ScreenWidth% 
Y = %A_ScreenHeight% 
WinGetPos, , , WindW, WindH, A ;get active window size 
;MsgBox, X: %X%`nY: %Y% ; For testing 
WinMove, A, , %X%, %Y% ;move active window to center of screen 

Open in new window

So this "^!z" uses the key combination Ctrl-Alt-z but you can change that of course. Just noticed that it moves the window to the first monitor, but I think I've seen some customizations that allow for multi-monitor usage, should you need that.
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camtzAuthor Commented:
Man, what a pro you are.  I too just started using AutoHotkeys and love it.  I copy/paste your work in my file and tested it and it worked perfect.  I wish there was a way of requesting you for future issues with this program.  Is there?  -  I'm no programer but I'll be glad to paste my scripts in here if you would like just in case you want to use some.  But, it doesn't seem like you need any help from me.

One other thing if you don't mind, I know the symbols used by AutoHotkey for
Ctrl   =  ^
Alt    =  !
Win  =  #
But that's all I know.  Where can I get the rest of them such as for 1) space bar, 2) Shift, 3) Tab, 4) Enter and any others that might be required.

Thank you so very much for this.  I've looked at many sites on the web and none of them have anything about centering the window on the desktop.
camtzAuthor Commented:
One last thing I'm trying to do is to set up some keys to display my Land Line Connection dialog window so that I can enable/disable it.  Can that be done with AutoHotkeys?
Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
Ho wait, it's not my code, I found it on the net. I just extracted it because it seemed you wouldn't want too many other stuff.

The symbols should be in the documentation, in your start menu or on their website, yep there it is: 

On opening a connection dialog: If you know which process it starts (maybe you can find out via Task Manager, but not always) then you should be able to start it with the Run command in your .ahk file.
Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
I'll let you in on my 'secret': This is the first thing I found that I thought could be useful: 

Then I did some more searches and found this discussion: which actually builds on code they found somewhere else themselves.

That code (at the end of the page) seemed excellent so I played around with it a bit, changed the hotkey because "<" seemed strange to me, and then posted it for you. I did have a problem where certain windows (eg Computer Management) don't want to move, haven't figured out why yet.

So let me stress that I'm certainly not some kind of AutoHotkey virtuoso, just combined some stuff I found into what seemed to me a solution that would fit your need ;-)

I actually didn't answer your other question before: No I'm afraid you can't 'assign an expert' to a question, but if you post a question that's not being answered you could email me a link to it (see my profile) and if appropriate I'll see what I can do.
I don't want be negative but calm down it's only 12 lines of code, and if you asked to do it, I would use autoit not autohotkey...
camtzAuthor Commented:
I don't care how you got it.  The point is that you got it.  I took note of the sites you gave me and I will look at them as soon as I have time.  Regarding the Lan Line Connection, I made a shortcut for it and assigned it some hot keys but as you know, Windows always want's to use three keys and I prefer two.

I assigned Ctrl comma (,) but windows added Alt so If I hit Ctrl/Alt/, - the program runs and I get the Lan Line Connection window on my desktop.  I wanted to change it so that I would only have to use Ctrl and (,) so I wrote this script for the program but it doesn't work.;

Run ^!,

So where am I going wrong?
Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
I think you would need to put the same reference to an exe (or other program type) after Run that you put in the shortcut instead of trying to run the existing hot key combination (although I haven't looked at that part of the documentation in great detail yet).

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