What the following Datagrid code will do?

Can anyone explain what the following  code will do?

  Dim tc As TemplateColumn
                    tc = New TemplateColumn
                    tc.ItemTemplate = New prj.GridTemplateHandler("ImagePath", "string", "", Me.strServerTimeZone)

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Does it add any image to the column?  where the image will be picked?
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Easwaran ParamasivamCommented:
It creates an ItemTemplate with image.

Look at the method prj.GridTemplateHandler("ImagePath", "string", "", Me.strServerTimeZone). Debug the method to identify where the image is picked from?
It is adding a template column into the gird dynamically, the content of the item template depends on the implementation of GridTemplateHandler.

Share the code for the class and then will be able to tell you...
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
I have only the dll where this GridTemplateHandler located ..i dont have project ..

But from somewhere a image is picked that i need to findout
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PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
I have right clicked on the method and clicked on "go to definition"

I can see :

Public Class GridTemplateHandler
          Inherits System.Object
     Member of prj
Is it picking the same image everytime, what is this DLL, share the signature of class and methods that your are using....
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
But i can tell you the value inside tc.ItemTemplate

using break point
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
Yes image is same for all the rows in the same column when there is no data ..(ie a blank one not sure its image)..but image is different when there is data .. its comming from a table
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
the value inside that or signature of the method has two things only

2. Hidecurrencysymbol
well where did you get this dll from, i hope there is some documentation for you to refer.
Other option is Use a dis-assembler like ILDASM and get the IL and see if it can give you some hint.....

Some disassemblers even create c# code from Assembled .Net DLL.
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
OK i got it :

When i put "test" instead of "" ..i am getting a "test" instead of image.

  tc.ItemTemplate = New prj.GridTemplateHandler("ImagePath", "string", "test", Me.strServerTimeZone)

So above function using a parameter of image location at the place of "test"

right now my problem is when i get i give a blank as this function parameter ..instead of showing blank in the rows of that column..its showing an error message ..i will post that error in the next post
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
"Image path is neither a datacolumn or a datarelation for table Table"

Why the above message is comming instead of blank rows in that column?
Maybe this method is implemented in such a way that if image parameter is null or empty, it will return an exception.

something like:-

throw new InvalidOperationException("This parameter cannot be empty");
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
Where i need to put the above code?

I need to make blanks in the rows ..how the above code help me in making it ?
No Where, i was just telling you that this might be the code in the method in your dll because of which it throws error
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
Alright i am gonna do this , may be this be a solution:  

 tc.ItemTemplate = New prj.GridTemplateHandler("ImagePath", "string", " ", Me.strServerTimeZone)

An extra space for double quotations

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PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
Alright it fixed the issue ,,, so thanks for helping ...Yipieeeeeeee!!
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Happy programming
PeteEngineerAuthor Commented:
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