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Hi EE,

Can you guys recommend a good website to download psd graphics to create image links (for example a psd file of a mail with a cool background) that I can type in words on photoshop and add a message to it.
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designedbyjackieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would just search the term PSD signs and free.

I stock photo has a ton of blank signs but you would probably need to use Illustrator to edit them with your text.

You can open a AI file in PSD and then type, but then its kinda pointless as it looses its quality.
There are alot of repositories that have free or cheap PSD graphic files.

Here are a few that i look in:


Adobe Exchange (ton of brushes, PSD's)
TonyRebaAuthor Commented:
Yes. Basicalky im looking for grphics such as the one says hall of fame here below, to add text and stuff. Wiuld.I found there? how does things are called to search for them?
TonyRebaAuthor Commented:
thanks that give me a start
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