network drive mapping problem

My company have two server,one is the win2000 (old server),one is win2008(new server),my domain controller is running at new server,both server also have share drive.we use log in scripts for all user.recently my user log in window,encounter all the drive which is in old server in disconnect,but if manually run the log in script agai

n,all the drive is able to connected ,please advise me what suppose to do ,because this problem already make me very busy....
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warriorsTeahConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i found out the problem,this is because user does not assign the user to correct group.please help me close the question
if you use batch files for login scripts, you can add before you map the drives in your script:  "net use /del *"  and then log in as a user
warriorsTeahAuthor Commented:
i already have this statement

if you add a new test user, does the problem occur?
colonytireDirector of TechnologyCommented:
Verify the time and time zones on all machines. If they are too far out of sync mapped drives will fail.
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