Firefox error message

I accept an update of Firefox and, in sequence, I started getting the message:

"The instruction at '0x77e645a9' referenced memory at '0x000fffba'. The memory cound not be 'read'. Click OK to terminate the program "

This message does not close it by clicking OK or 'x'

I uninstalled and installed again but the message remains.

Any idea?

Translate from portuguese:

"Eu aceitei uma atualização do Firefox e, na sequencia, comecei a receber a mensagem:
Essa mensagem não fecha mesmo clicando em OK ou no 'x'

Eu desinstalei e instalei novamente mas a mensagem continua.

Alguma ideía? "
Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAsked:
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The box that pops up with the error...what does it say on the title bar?  Such as Wmserver.exe or similar.  Does it say Firefox.exe?
Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
"firefox.exe - Application Error"

My suggestion is to follow the instructions at this link to completely uninstall all traces of FF and then do a clean reinstall:

I read that you did an uninstall/reinstall but if you didn't clear everything out as it shows in the guide (near the bottom of the page), a regular uninstall may have left something behind.
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Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
I did the uninstall as indicated. It did not work.
I did it again, deleting all the key 'firefox' on the registry and giving 'boot' for each procedure. Neither worked.
Incredible, but did not work.

Translate from portuguese:

"Eu fiz a desinstalação conforme indicado. Não funcionou.
Eu fiz novamente, excluindo todas as chaves 'firefox' do registro e dando 'boot' a cada procedimento. Também não funcionou.
Incrível, mas não funcionou."
Try holding down shift before you click to open Firefox.  This should open the browser in Safe Mode, if it is able.  If that works, you should then troubleshoot extensions and themes as directed here:
Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
I followed throughout the procedure. I accessed in safe mode, I set all the options (I tested one by one), and the message continues.
In safe mode, the message appears as soon as you click restart. And never leaves the screen, until the reboot.

Translate from portuguese:

"Eu seguí todo o procedimento. Acessei no modo segurança, marquei todas as opções ( testei uma a uma ), e a mensagem continua.
No modo segurança, a mensagem aparece assim que clicar em reiniciar. E não sai mais da tela, até o reboot."
Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerCommented:
Based on what you have tried already, I would suggest making sure that Windows is fully up to date by doing a Windows Update.  Perhaps the problem is not with Fire Fox but with how Windows is interacting with Fire Fox. Your updating Fire Fox might have messed up one of the shared resources.

What version of Windows are you running?  
Do you know what version of Fire Fox you have?
Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
My PC runs Windows Server 2003 R2 (non-dedicated server, 6 users), and the version of Firefox is 11.0.

I'll update as recommended, but being a server, I can only do this at night.

I'll keep you posted.

Translate from portuguese:

"Meu micro roda  o Windows Server 2003 R2 ( servidor não dedicado, 6 usuários ), e a versão do Firefox é o 11.0.

Vou atualizar conforme o recomendado, mas, por ser um servidor, só vou poder fazer isso à noite.

Vou mantê-los informados.
Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerCommented:
FireFox also recommends the following if FireFox will not start after updating:

If Firefox fails to start after an update, first check the Latest Firefox issues article to see if it contains a solution.

If you use certain versions of ZoneAlarm or other Internet security software that includes a "Virtual Browsing" feature, it can prevent Firefox from starting. Check virtualization settings and clear the virtual cache, if your Internet security software includes this feature, or visit the software provider's support site for more help.
Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but I think I failed to give important information: the FileFox works normally. The problem is that when closing (no need to keep it active all the time), the message above appears and never leaves the screen.

Only the boot to close it.

Translate from portuguese:

"Sinto muito, mas acho que deixei de dar uma informação importante: o FileFox funciona normalmente. O problema é que, ao fechar ( não preciso mantê-lo ativo o tempo todo ), aparece a mensagem acima e não sai mais da tela.

Somente o boot para fechá-lo."
Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
I ran Windows updates, but the error remains.

In normal mode, the message appears when I close FireFox.

In safe mode, when I click restart.

In both cases, only the "boot" can close the message.

In the 'Task Manager', the FF appears several times, and even click 'end process' the message continues.

Translate from portuguese:

"Eu rodei as atualizações do Windows, mas o erro continua.
Em modo normal, a mensagem aparece quando eu fecho o FireFox.
No modo de segurança, quando eu clico em reiniciar.
Em ambos os casos, apenas o 'boot' consegue fechar a mensagem.
No 'Task Manager', o FF aparece várias vezes e, mesmo clicando 'end process' a mensagem continua."
Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
Problem solved.
It was malware.
I replaced the installed anti-malware and ran a full scan with the new.
It detected and deleted some files and FF came back up normally.
Thank you for your attention.

Translate from portuguese:

"Problema resolvido.
Tratou-se de malware.
Eu substituí o anti-malware instalado e executei um full scan com o novo.
Este detectou e eliminou alguns arquivos e o FF voltou a funcionar normalmente.
Grato a todos pela atenção."
Michael CarrilloInformation Systems ManagerCommented:
Here are a several other things to check out:

1. Update your plugins: Go to our Plugin Check page and follow the links to update any plugins that are out of date.
2. Check for viruses and spyware.

Determining if a plugin is the problem
You can selectively disable plugins while Firefox is running. If you suspect a certain plugin, disable it first, then test for your problem:

1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP), and then click Add-ons. The Add-ons Manager tab will open.
2. In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Plugins panel.
3. Select a plugin in the list and then click its Disable button. Repeat this step for each plugin in the list. You do not need to restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.
4. Test for your problem. If it does not occur, go back to the Add-ons Manager tab and re-enable plugins one-by-one with the Enable button until you find which one causes your problem to occur.

You could also use FireFox Crash Reporter to diagnose your problem.
Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
The problem returned after a few days.
The difference is that now I can close the message window.
Everything indicates that the fault is on my machine, maybe some damaged file ...
At the first opportunity, I will reformat and reinstall everything.
Thank you for your attention.

Translate from portuguese:

"O problema retornou em alguns dias.
A diferença é que agora eu consigo fechar a janela de mensagem.
Tudo indica que a falha é na minha máquina; talvez algum arquivo danificado ...
Na primeira oportunidade, vou reformatar e reinstalar tudo.
Grato pela atenção de todos "

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Emilio MorimotoProgramadorAuthor Commented:
O problema continua ...
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