seperating read and write functionality in my repository


I'm just getting to grips with using a repository and interfaces in c# and now have a new thought.

I'm about to start a reasonably sized website that has 3 sections. The public facing, the admin section and the client log in area.

Although it is probably over kill as I am likely to be the only one working on the site I'd like a go at doing this anyway.

What I want to do is split my functionality up so that the public facing website only has access to my read functionality, the client login only code relevant to its purpose and likewise with the admin section.

Am I right in thinking that the best way to do this is to have a generic read interface that a generic repository implements. The same then for the the public facing code and the private log in area?

Does that make sense?

Looking for some constructive input and direction....

Thanks in advance.
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Are you implementing the repository pattern?  You seem to be using the word repository alot so I want to make sure thats what you mean.  Are you planning on using webforms or MVC?  Answering those questions will help me contextualize what you are attempting to do a bit better.
scm0smlAuthor Commented:
Sorry yeah that's correct. Repository pattern with web forms.

You could do it the way you are talking about or have 3 seperate repositories.  What I usually do ( and where i have implemented it ), is in the context of a MVC application I create 3 areas, each with its own unique repository.  Repositories are sub patterns so you can create them where it makes sense.
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After reading your question again, I think, due to the 3 distinct differences in what you are trying to accomplish, it makes sense here to use 3 different repository implementations.
I would rather have something like this:-
public interface IEntity
public long Id{get;}

public interface IAggregateRoot : IEntity { }

public interface IRepository<TEntity>
                               where TEntity : class
public IUnitOfWork UnitOfWork{get;}

public interface IUnitOfWork
void commit();
void rollback();

public interface IReadOnlyRepository<TEntity> : IRepository<TEntity> 
                               where TEntity : class, IAggregateRoot
        TEntity this[long id] { get; }

        TEntity FindBy(long id);
        IList<TEntity> FindAll();

public interface IReadWriteRepository<TEntity> : IReadOnlyRepository<TEntity>
        where TEntity : class, IAggregateRoot
        new TEntity this[long id] { get; set; }

        void Add(TEntity entity);
        void Update(TEntity entity);
        void Delete(TEntity entity);

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This is the sample framework that can be used.
I hope you are aware about tenets of Domain Driven Design.
scm0smlAuthor Commented:
Buggycoder so I'd need a read unit of work and a read write unit of work then is that correct?
Unit of work is component that will take care of committing and rollback of your transaction.
As far as read is concerned, you will not commit or rollback.

so you can use it in case of Read-Write Repository only....

Also please Use DI(Dependency Injection) to pass it as a parameter of your repository concrete implementation.

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scm0smlAuthor Commented:
Have you got a quick example of that?
BuggyCoder that's pretty slick... I Like it...
scm0smlAuthor Commented:
ok thanks.

One last thing.... when we say have a repository for different areas....

I may create the 3 repositories but there is nothing to stop a page in the public website creatuing an instance of the admin repos for example is there?

Would I have to build them into sepearet dll's for that?
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