Hi experts!

I ran a .cmd file which contains the following statements:

REM - set the date
for /f "tokens=1,2,3 delims=/ " %%a in ('DATE /T') do set date=%%c-%%b-%%a
set DATE=%date%
set DAY=%DATE:~0,2%
cd \zip
zip c:\folder1\XXX_%DATE%.zip -r -q c:\folder2\
The file XXX_%DATE%.zip is about 350MB and is on one of my servers.
Then I copied it into a local machine and unzip it (WinZip 14.0 Pro) and surprisingly only about 10% of the source folders were rebuilt into the destination.

Please help.

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rushtoshankarSr Manager Software DevelopmentCommented:
7 zip is very good program. I am using this program for many years both @ office and @home. It is open source. No licensing required.
Care to post the contents of zip.bat ?

Last I knew, WinZip's command line programs were wzzip and wzunzip, so the only way I see that working at all is if 'zip' is a batch or else not winzip.
Duke001Author Commented:
Hi Darr247!

When i said "unzip it" I should have said "extract" from within WinZip 14.0 Pro.
So, may I infer that I should use the command unzip from the command line or from a batch file?

rushtoshankarSr Manager Software DevelopmentCommented:
are you able to extract 100% of the file using windows explorer and a compression utility?

if you are able to extract, then check the utility that you are using for extranction (zip.exe/zip.com/zip.bat). Or please let us know the utility name, version etc. Hopefully, --v or --version will provide version info of the command line tool.

if you are not able to extract the zip file, the file must be a corrupted file.
Duke001Author Commented:
I managed to find a solution. I've download "7-Zip 9.20" and have extracted the entire set of folder/files.

Last question before I attribute the points - is the software above reliable?

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