change logo in ms access 2010 database

I have one fronted and several backend databases, i know how to switch the backen from one company to an other, but i would also like to change the company picture(s) throughout the database.

i could make a subform, and use an attachment or ole object but then i have to do it for all forms.

anny suggestions or solutions. ??
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Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
Best way is to not embed the pictures from the start.  They should be linked from a file that is stored somewhere it is not likely to be deleted or moved from.  

The way I do this is in applications startup procedure, I check for the existence of a specific picture on a specific path.  If that picture doesn't exist, I ask the user if they would like to select a corporate logo to use throughout the application.  If so, I allow them to select to the logo file, which I then copy and rename to my selected path.  If they choose not to add a logo, I use mine.  This will also significantly reduce the size of your application, as you won't have pictures embedded on multiple forms and reports.
timohornAuthor Commented:
can you give me an example of the code ? please ;-)
because this sounds just as a solution to me .
It would be good to have more information about your database and how your pictures are stored and displayed.

A solution we have used to a similar issue is to have consistent names between projetcs (or in your case compnies) for any logos/images displayed throughout the database.

We have a table, tblPaths which stores paths to various project specific 'things' we might need to lookup:

ID    (AutoNumber)
Resource (Text - specify type of thing, such as Image Files, Web Path, PDF Files, ETC)
Path  (Memo - specifies the path)

The record in this table for Images might look like:

ID:  12
Resource:  Image Files
Path:  "z:\ProjectName\Files\ImageFiles\"

This table holds project (or company) specific information, and is populated according to the location where the database is deployed.

Any time we need to use something like a logo we would look up its path, and then specify the standard filename as follows:

strPathToMainFormLogo = DLookup("Path","tblPaths",  "Resource = 'Image Files'") & "MainFormLogo.jpg" 

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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:
When you say 'throughout' ... can you give some examples?

timohornAuthor Commented:
in access 2010 you can "set" a company logo, and when us create a new form you can show that logo.
so i would like to be able to change that default logo.
Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
Sorry, I'm not familiar with this "default logo" aspect of Access 2010.
timohornAuthor Commented:
That's a pitty, but if can do it with code then it would be fine ;-))
Hang in there... there are undoubtedly people  out there with 2010 who can check into this.  Ive never used that feature either but will look into it when I get home if nobody else has responded.
timohornAuthor Commented:
I'm browsing around in Access 2010, and don't see any specific "Logo" options, and am guessing this is somehow based on a standard image control.

Are you able to upload a sample database (with no sensitive data) - just enough of a sample to show us what you are trying to describe?
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Systems AnalystCommented:
Can you post a screen shot of this 'option' ?
If nothing else, take a blank form, embed an image (ico, gif or jpg, not bmp) . This form becomes your 'image logo holder'.  Then, use it as a subform/subreport on any Form/Report, in the head section.  Down the road, if you have to change the image - you only have to change it in one place.


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timohornAuthor Commented:
Yes i will do so today
timohornAuthor Commented:
you're right there's no common icon :-(
so your solution works the best
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