Remote support Modem for a Cisco 2900

I need to setup a Cisco 2900 Router to allow remote access for configuration.
I’m using a US Robotics Modem 5630 connected to the Console port of the router and a standard POTS line.

What configuration do I need to perform do to the modem to allow this type of access to the Router??  

I’m assuming that simply plugging everything in out of the box won’t given this access.
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DHPBilcareConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

In my example no configuration was required on the Router but I did require the Cisco own DB9 to DB25 male to male adapter.  

It then worked instantly.
Matt VConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe you just need to set the modem to auto answer.
DHPBilcareAuthor Commented:
How do I do that?
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Matt VCommented:
Check the modem manual, ther might be a DIP switch or you might have to set it manually using a terminal emulator on your pc.
DHPBilcareAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.

I've never done anyhnting lik this.

Where are the DIP Switches on my modem and can this only be configured using the CISCO cables/adapters as listed on the Cisco website?
Normally, if I remember, the dip switches on those models were on the back.

if your model doesn't have the dip switches, you can find out wich each dipswitch should have been doing :

Then with a console program, program the modem with the AT set commands to the same settings :

For programming the modem from a pc the cable that came with the modem should work, you will need the cisco cable to operate through the console port.

But with modems there's not much guessing, you just have to follow each step carefully and it should just work.
JorisFRSTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just read a bit more about it, on the USRobotics website the 81-xx5630-01/00 56K External Faxmodem models don't list dip switches.

But the AT command list is extensive, and I can find the options for the dipswitches, just make sure you do &w at the end to write the settings to nvram in the modem.

That way when you power it down and move it to the router it remembers the settings.
DHPBilcareAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments,

I've spoken with US Robotics and they say all i need to get what I need is to enter the following via Hyper Terminal to the modem.


Now i've connected the modem to a generic DB25 to DB9 (male to male) adapter and then the adapter DB9 male end to the Cisco console cable which is connected to the Router via the RJ45 end.

When I dial the modem I get connected to the modem but can't see the Router login.  If I console direct via the console cable I can see the login via Hyper Terminal.

Any ideas??  I've been told that this should work and no config is required from the Router to accept the incoming calls which some modems I believe do require.
DHPBilcareAuthor Commented:
Partyly provided my own answer.
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