Would I be able to create a website that streams music from free nas?


I am new to this and was wondering if its possible to create a website that will pull music from a freenas box which will allow a user to listen to the music?

I know this is possible using a web server but not quite sure about using freenas.

Thank You.
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FreeNAS is just a storage application. You would need mount the shared directory from FreeNAS onto a web-accessible location on the webserver, and then treat it like a normal file that would be streamed.

Can you give more specifics on your project?
Ben McNellyCommented:
What is your setup so far? If you connect a web server box (for fun lets say a ubuntu setup) and configured some dort of AMP or even static website setup, as long as you have a path to the files it will "work".

As far as scale-ability of the setup or details, well we need more info!
techin4Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick replies.

So far, I have all my music stored on a freenas box.
Instead of my friends having to FTP to download the music I would like them to be able to just visit a website and click on the song they would like to download or hear.

My requirements are:

1) Create a website that will connect to my freenas box
2) Allow the user to download or hear the song directly from the website
3) Allow the user to upload and share a song.

Does anyone know if there is a better solution if freenas is not the right choice?

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This is an open source version of the Pandora player.  This may work for you.

Would be another option, but this one involves a little bit more coding.
This is a fairly simple project if you have PHP / MySQL coding experience.

Here's how it will work.

1. Mount the FreeNAS directories to the webserver.
2. Create a php script that will recusrively read the directories, and parse the MP3 Info information. Shove that information into a database.  (run this as a cron job once an hour or once a day, whichever is appropriate).
3. Make sure you attach the web accessible download path to the record in the database.
4. Display it on a webpage however you'd like.

I don't know of a "works out of the box" solution for this, but it would not be difficult to code and build.

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techin4Author Commented:
Thanks...I do have some PHP/MYSQL experience and might try out your recommendation.
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